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  1. I'm still quite weak, and my head hurts a lot considering I am about 8 weeks removed from surgery. It turned out to be a grade 2 tumor which is why they want to zap the rest of it and the huge surgical cavity it left behind. They also told me I am epileptic so this is really the only gaming I am allowed to do. Lots of strange things I had noticed over the years really fell into place with the diagnosis, I still get seizures though which really scare me. Thanks for asking though
  2. Hey guys, recently got back into some limited gaming since my brain surgery, I love the overlay mods but I was actually interested in adding the early late swing indications back into mine to help stream line getting my timing back. I'm only home for a short period before I undergo radiation and I want my PC with me, but don't think I could do any modding once treatment starts. Do any of you know which part of the overlay static preload or gamedata.iff files have those indications inside? I tried opening the defaults and couldn't find them. Thanks!
  3. Great Job! I noticed that your helmets in the screenshots are much more reflective than what I see on my screen is that the sweet FX mod that does that? Thanks!
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