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  1. Very intresting i was wondering if their ambitions actually factored in. Also i am curious now how the game determines how each team is run. Money ball vs big spenders or is all the same for each...
  2. I did and i can repeat the process if need be. TIhis is all start of the season after that its game on. I had it set up to where no MLB team would pull an AAA (AAA-AA, AA-A) player till they broke a certain ratings threshold. Only with injury or trade would they pull someone up to fill a spot, same with all the other farm teams but if a player wqs getting hot they will pull them up according to their overall. Now if the MLB player comes off of the DL they would send the same AAA player back if his rating didnt break that threshold but if his rating climbed bc he was hot they would send the lowest MLB player down till his stats leveled off. So this makes it to where CPU teams would move their hot players up and cold players down. Mlb 100-75(any age), AAA 70-65(27+old), AA 60-55(26-24yr olds) A 50-45(23-18yr olds) this is a guide for your non top prospects. Now the minor leagues seams low if you have a top 100 prospect, but with this setup they jump leagues like a top prospect would (2 leagues at a time, so your best player no matter what there prospect ratings is would not be over their respective leagues max overall). Now that means top 100 are 5 star potential and non 100 top prospects would be star, 3 star for starters and 2 star for backups and 1 star for older vets. No player that is not a top prospect will have 4/5 stars in the minors. Usually top minors jump 10 points in overall and avg good player 5 points, then 2 points for bench players and older players. This setup made it so that the CPU wouldnt have over loaded bullpens or an overloaded bench players. Another phase was arranging players based on age (if your using generic players, i made the whole farm system to match the real ones, a lot of fucking work) . There should be no 25 plus players in A, and very few if any vets in AA other than rehab. I did even more so when it comes to me ill add it here 5 star players had 5yr contracts 4 star 4yr and so on, if not the cpu makes some dumb choices when it comes to signing and who to trade. This method makes them value the right players and give them new contracts. It also keep the MiLB payroll in line with real life.
  3. This is where my ADD comes in, sad to see all the effort i put into my MiLB rosters nullified. But it was for a good cause and practice for this baseline. Would be nice if we could assign better stadium defaults than what 2k did. (I can do this again no problem) I had it setup to where no league had duplicates stadiums. With the setup i made if you played with your AAA and AA team it never felt like it was the same few boring stadiums in your season bc a few are not even used that often. I even went to the point of assigning them based on best stadium backdrops for the city. Also threw in the two classics and two ST stadiums to help mix it up.
  4. Np, keep me updated, i def would like to see a more detailed setup, that was a just a quick pass i did. Very nice, very nice, i just was hoping it wasnt bc of incompetence on my part.
  5. For Picklebrad to take a look at, it wouldn't let me send it in a pm. test.ROS
  6. Damn didnt get a notification you replied, sorry, glad we ended up speaking.
  7. Damn i never looked at Houston's schedule after my 1st season, i play in the NLE. MLB 2K13 has the new alignments doesnt it, is it possible to look at that game in REII if someone has it? +1
  8. This will also do away with the commentators and fans calling a player by the OG ID and not the newly created one. I dont mind helping i was building not just a new roster but also bring up to date the farm system, stadiums and create a more unique player model with adjusted body types, updated stances etc. Never tried CF and i suck at unis atm so maybe i can help with a mod im good at....Data entry.... Also found away to make the season start at 2020 as well but dont know how to keep players from aging and retiring before hand. Need a way to roll back Bdays by the mass without a crash, not sure REII can do it.
  9. Oh, i do like the idea of international talent in there. This is looking to be very intresting indeed. Damn 270 thats almost a whole nother league. Did it blow up my own project, yes lol but thats 100% ok with me bc this is along the lines of what i was doing without the ID and clone problem i kept having.
  10. What about FA? If there isnt enough in the pool during a franchise mode you will get a crash. Why i only removed everyone over 30 yrs old from the pool, anymore than that and there wasnt enough to fill team rosters for players on the d.l.
  11. Yea my photo editing program is on my tablet and i was being lazy and didnt want to email myself the pics. Lol. Ill check out Fraps, i do a lot of screenshots for artwork so anything that streamlines it. So does it take dbl pics since f12 takes pics already in steam? As to the w10, didnt even want it in the 1st place but you can only dig in your heals for so long, its a test version for troubleshooting system problems.
  12. Been grinding away silently on a few more teams. Each one is taking about 8hrs to complete. Knocked out Astros, A's, BJays in the pros. MiLB i have the Hooks, Sounds, Grizzly, BayBears, RockHounds and Bees. MLB: Roster updates, depth chart, overalls, photos, cf, gear, unique batting stance/pitching motion MiLB: top 10 prospects per team created with photos/CF, all players have cf, gear, unique batting stance/ pitching motion , players aligned according to their age (no 30yr olds in A, very few young guys in AAA), contracts and potentials readjusted. Coaching: updated ratings adjusted based on Farm System rankings, contracts and appearances Uniforms: Home/Away are normal, all others in there set i changed up with what was provided (i suck at making unis atm)
  13. Im ashamed of my progress and then you drop this aawsomeness. Its the little details that makes it feel like a NCAA game. Very nice work as always
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