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  1. +1 top 100 prospects is the most i do, many are already in the bigs so they are covered. Now i do recycle old cyberfaces and use them on the minor league teams. So that you dont get that ugly created player face it assigns to most, also makes for a nice cyberphoto.
  2. Amzing work, everytime i take a look around here i find antoher sweet project. now only if it had Spanish announcers.
  3. This one is about rivals. Ive searched but couldnt find anything on the effects of having rivals set. I went threw and set divisional rivals and that left one spot open (4 of 5). So i then went and filled that last spot with State/City/Hate rivals (LaA/LaD, Tex/Blue Jays, Nats/O's etc.)
  4. Lot of good info in here, im going to have to sit down and practice playing with some files this weekend. Its new to me but im a quick learner and worth it to keep these projects going. Its not in the announcers aduio file? Ive just joined and only seen a few thing about not being able to crack the announcers file, i could be wrong. Very intrested in the 2019 stat update, b new rosters mess up players stats and some are nit even tracked on some players. There are a few tools i need to download this weekend, i live in bfe so downloads speeds suck atm till i move. Man them UM unis, thats who ill be using. Is there a way to edit the stadiums(as in trim out upper decks and remove outfiled seats? Make the stadium more D1 D2) or pull files from other 2k baseball games and add there stadium to 2k12.
  5. "Berea College in the list, they are my alma mater and I have a lot of friends that played here." Tbh these are the type of teams id like to play with. That list is nice though. Some sweet unis with a lot of them teams. Really cool to see some smaller programs in there. Lol i wanna see the modder team. Real photos? Lol
  6. Its starting to feel like im spinning wheels with that adventure for sure. Also if ppl change the location of your ebay/amazon and you can find a bit more options. Ie amazon.com.nz (New Zealand, most counties have their own stores) sometimes it will try to kick you back to US market, turn your location off on your phone and you can shop in other markets.
  7. Damn, didnt realize who i was talking to in your NCAA thread(new but been a lurker). I have all your mods installed. Amazing work,💪 only way i can play the game, without em its just meh.

  8. Looks nice man, like the TPX bat. Sucks Nike dropped the new unis for college. They are damn near impossible to replicate bc its that breath fit material they use for the skin tight NBA jerseys. Prob feels nice as hell in the heat but hard to duplicate without the coreect meshes. But hot damn all theses look sweet that you made. The fact you took the time to get all the color combos and logos set...damn not an easy feat. Those UMiami unis Really wish there was a way to isolate the cyberfaces files from the generics and have it pull from that when the games adds a player. The fake names i agree not worth time for that. As to the tendencies/average, man thats gona be hell of a task but least there is a good starting point with that link, the more info the better. Above .400 it gona be hard to keep the game from thinking the player is a god. Lol As to the metal bat sound, can we make our on audio files or rip them from EA NCAA gsmes if they are IFF files ( which EA are the ones to first use n creat them) I font see why not. If need be we can make our own clips. Seen you had UTA on there at Ballpark in Arlington (will never call it globe life or wtf it is). Could have done SMU, TCU, UNT or DBU (Dallas Baptist, they have had some pro studs) but poor lil UTA getting some love... either way like the lil school love. Not sure where your from but all them schools are within miles of each other so they can all use that park. Keep in touch and let me know what i can dablle with to help ya. I work 3rd shift so im up at odd hrs, now back to bed
  9. Thank you sir, i was determined to have me a duel threat. Gives it a bit more of a managerial challenge bc he takes up on roster spot but fills two roles. Like i said seams like a lot but once your set your good to go for the whole season. Changed the way i drafted too,
  10. Not sure if anyone has figured out how to do this without burning a player at the start of the game? I have and if others have too or have a better way feel free to delete this thread. Im not an Angels fan but i love that Shohei Ohtani plays both ways, so i edited one of my draft pics in my franchise mode (Mets, yes i know) that already had decent batting stats as a pitcher. (Always close the game or app when i say so, if not your saves will get crossed up and you will be going in circles, found out the hard way) 1. So to start you need the player editor tool. 2. Open player tool and change Shohei Ohtani to a fielder, save, close 3. Open 2k and go to roster manager set him to the position and batting order you want him at, save, close 4. Open player tool again now change him back to a P, save, close 5. Open 2k and go to roster manager and set him in the bullpen not a start (ill explain), save, close 6. Done. Now you will see he is in the lineup and is a pitcher still. If you replace him from the lineup settings menu or the GM lineup you will do this all over. "Only move him out of the linup pregame" When you want him to start you have to spot start him in the rotation from the pregame lineup menu, remember once u remove him from the lineup he cant be put back But from this menu he goes back into the lineup next game and doesnt mess you up. If you do it from the GM menu or roster menu it messes up and you cant put him back. Only move him out of the line up in the pregame lineup card, also any day he doesnt play the field he is bullpen ready or pinch hit ready. Ok now if he is the starter he cant not bat unless its a NL home game (this is for any player u plan on doing this with), if you have him as DH or still in the line up as a fielder and a pitcher it will CTD. Now when simulating im not sure if he will DH bat and pitch, but im gona try it out. You will see two of him in the linup you have to take one out, but this means you did it right up to this point. Its best to rest him the game before you start him (use him as a 6 man rotation, or have one relief pitcher save his spot in the rotation and just put him in that spot every 5 days, you can still use that filler pitcher as a bullpen even though he is in the rotation) and the day after rest him from playing the field, he will get hurt. Example: 1.DeGrom 2.Thor 3.Wheeler 4.Matz 5.Vargas (every time he comes up to pitch i swap him out for Shohei Ohtani in the pregame line up and use Vargas as a bullpen pitcher all season or a spot starter or pitch 3 innings and bring in Shohei Ohtani) Any questions hit me up.
  11. Doing this now and bout 2 days in this go around, so far ihave 6 mlb and their minor teams done. I had to start over and reinstall my game. Last time i did it in my franchise mode and couldnt use it outside of that bc i thought i could convert the ros file to work outside franchise mode. assigned '12 team photos/cyberfaces of non active and FA player faces to my '19 roster (start of season roster down loaded from here) bc i couldnt get the ones on here to work. When done there should be no duplicates. Teams will have players with team photos players minus player pics that where on another team and where in mlb 2k12( Vargas has aSeattle hat but on Mets) left the players alone that are active or in the minors trying to come back. Mlb 2k19 roster mod changes a lot of players face id number to match the photo number causing you to lose all cyberfaces for some reason. So im pulling the numbers from `12 files and adding them back to the '19 file. Takes a long time to find a similar face with the team photo from 7 yrs ago to match one of today but i s going pretty well. Some well known players are a bit off but not many. Also adding photos to the top prospects and top FA so there is a good mix of players going and coming up and let go with faces and phots. fixing all the over the top contracts in the minors bc it runs teams broke at the end of the year. Everyone is in the negative by the 1st month and millions under at the end of the year bc of minor league players. Giving all three farm system teams players cyberfaces but no photos unless they make the team down the road. So no more strange fake face when playing minor games bc everyone looked the same but differnt flesh tone. Now these are match to the real player, just matched there race, not gona do scrub minors at this point. Lowering as many old players and retired players ratings and potential so teams will stop signing them (found the lowest minor player overal and set it to 10 points lower to him) Edit pro/minor uniforms so that each set had different shoes, helmets and primary, secondary, third colors according to the uniform (ie Mets pinstrips had white shoes, blue top home had blue shoes, spring training had orange with all three having different batting helmet color layouts) to make this work all player have to have their shoe colors set to (color1/color2 or color2/color1 with color 3 the main shoe color) when you do this you get random color combos tjat font look tacky to match the uniform. Can also do this with all wearable gear wear your players have home, away and alt color sets. Going threw and made sure all pitcher had no gear (ie wrist bands) while pitching, this happens whrn an old fielder is edited to be a new player thats a pitcher. Making sure all body colors match the faces and giving them body tone by playing with the custom body settings. Changing all the players muscle tones, and body sizez (ie buff, ripped, +1 on chest, legs. Made ripped Mike Trout players and fat Vlad Jr players as well as mighty mouses like Altuve) All this is work in progress, i had most done and had to start over. Ive got it down to 2hrs per team, not franchise but team. I knocked out Angles, A's, Astros and half of Toronto sitting round the house yesterday and Brewers, Braves, Cardinals before work. TLDR I have the OCDness to do this with your overhaul as well is my point
  12. Ive had the same problem, they have the audio locked (the check box). If you use only players that dont have an audio number then the TV guys will address him by his last name. If that name is in the game (an assigned audio number, again dont know how to change these), if not its by his position, number or line up spot. Btw this looks great ive messed with skyrim and gta iv, v and witcher and would like to help in some way. Most ive down is broke down other ppls mods and manipulated them to how i like, ive not yet to the point of doing my own. Im a quick learner, let me know if you need help with roster names, photos, and player details.
  13. Exactly, for that much id rather get a nice Nacona and go play (only posted that to show how preposteros it was) . Ive tried to contact 2k about any old copies that weren't sold digital and hard copie bc ive ran into this problem before in another industry and was able to work something out. Still have yet to find an acutally number for 2k or visceral to speak to a real human. Im sure the numbers are available but id like to see how many keys where available compared to active.
  14. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Major-League-Baseball-2K12-PC/dp/B006476322
  15. The copy i found was on uk amazon, about $215USD plus shipping, plus currency exchange
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