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  1. Np, keep me updated, i def would like to see a more detailed setup, that was a just a quick pass i did. Very nice, very nice, i just was hoping it wasnt bc of incompetence on my part.
  2. For Picklebrad to take a look at, it wouldn't let me send it in a pm. test.ROS
  3. Damn didnt get a notification you replied, sorry, glad we ended up speaking.
  4. Damn i never looked at Houston's schedule after my 1st season, i play in the NLE. MLB 2K13 has the new alignments doesnt it, is it possible to look at that game in REII if someone has it? +1
  5. This will also do away with the commentators and fans calling a player by the OG ID and not the newly created one. I dont mind helping i was building not just a new roster but also bring up to date the farm system, stadiums and create a more unique player model with adjusted body types, updated stances etc. Never tried CF and i suck at unis atm so maybe i can help with a mod im good at....Data entry.... Also found away to make the season start at 2020 as well but dont know how to keep players from aging and retiring before hand. Need a way to roll back Bdays by the mass without a crash, not sure REII can do it.
  6. Oh, i do like the idea of international talent in there. This is looking to be very intresting indeed. Damn 270 thats almost a whole nother league. Did it blow up my own project, yes lol but thats 100% ok with me bc this is along the lines of what i was doing without the ID and clone problem i kept having.
  7. What about FA? If there isnt enough in the pool during a franchise mode you will get a crash. Why i only removed everyone over 30 yrs old from the pool, anymore than that and there wasnt enough to fill team rosters for players on the d.l.
  8. Yea my photo editing program is on my tablet and i was being lazy and didnt want to email myself the pics. Lol. Ill check out Fraps, i do a lot of screenshots for artwork so anything that streamlines it. So does it take dbl pics since f12 takes pics already in steam? As to the w10, didnt even want it in the 1st place but you can only dig in your heals for so long, its a test version for troubleshooting system problems.
  9. Been grinding away silently on a few more teams. Each one is taking about 8hrs to complete. Knocked out Astros, A's, BJays in the pros. MiLB i have the Hooks, Sounds, Grizzly, BayBears, RockHounds and Bees. MLB: Roster updates, depth chart, overalls, photos, cf, gear, unique batting stance/pitching motion MiLB: top 10 prospects per team created with photos/CF, all players have cf, gear, unique batting stance/ pitching motion , players aligned according to their age (no 30yr olds in A, very few young guys in AAA), contracts and potentials readjusted. Coaching: updated ratings adjusted based on Farm System rankings, contracts and appearances Uniforms: Home/Away are normal, all others in there set i changed up with what was provided (i suck at making unis atm)
  10. Im ashamed of my progress and then you drop this aawsomeness. Its the little details that makes it feel like a NCAA game. Very nice work as always
  11. Thanks, I have the English version, its the how to videos that are using the Chinese version is the problem.
  12. Thanks again man, been busy and stuck my self. All the info i find on the 3dm tool they are using the Chinese version so been a slow start. The guy has a ton of videos but they are all out of order so im trying to find the ones where he isnt doing complex stuff right off the bat.
  13. Jack805td have an ulmini for himself or family/friends? That would cover your school, mine and his....
  14. Lets see that wild hair cut , lol. Honestly id vote who has the coolest unis. Or who is the highest ranked out of them. Played McNeese State back 03/04 in college they be cool too. Hell ill prob edit the last team out and put in Hardin-Simmons University my old school, doubt anyone would play with them. Basiclly all of LSU unis with these logos instead not me lol some random dude our hats where different when i was there. They use the football ult logo on the baseball alt unis too
  15. Oh dear god that would be amazing, im start to get motion sickness bc i fly threw the menus so fast doing these setting, that would be a huge time saver.
  16. ☆Update for rivals☆ I set my minor league teams to the right divisions, affiliate and levels (SA Missions are AAA now). But in Franchise mode it would never show the divisions realigned right when looking at the schedule and it showed you the standings even though the schedule it self was now the new correct one. Nor would it show you the correct division's in the stats/standings tab. Now when i set the rivals to all the new division members it showed everyone in the right spot. So im gona guess thats what that is for, just oddly named. Now i need to dble check the MLB bc i added an extra rival in there (tex vs tor, bal vs was) so it may have screwed up the divisions.
  17. Man thats my speciality, ive had to do this for a few projects at a shop i use to work at. Where we did artwork, decals, tshirts etc, then had to redraw some in Corel 11 if couldnt track it down. Stuff for juco's, HS and select leagues that used classic logos.
  18. Just got home, gona nap for a few and start on this. Mind sending that over? Or is there a spot on her i can download them?
  19. Great work my man, Had fingers crossed that the info from one tool could be copied over to another even if another game (wasnt sure if you did all your work excel or the likes, weight/height/numbers etc, not CF or anything like that). So much detailed work on your game you need a patron
  20. Ill def take them, this weekend im off friday to monday night so im going to learn my self how to make some unis. Sit down watch some vids and play with the tools. TBH i got a late start on my project and have no problem shelving it, its not something locked into a specific yr. Ill just play exhibition games till im done. Im way more intrested in working on the NCAA mod. It will help me knock out my Minors overhual (not many will want it but me prob, id rather play seasons of minor affiliates) Next issue i just noticed we might have, B-C is predominant black school. How would we go about making the rosters randomly have that. Same with some of the schools that are traditionally latino, white or foreigners? It be nice to have some way of keep it authentic to these traditional schools. B-C, Jackson State, Grambling and Southern (not sure if u have all them schools) are all in this category. BTW ive always loved B-C n these are sick, same colors as my HS
  21. Here is pics of 4 different uni sets that will always have team color gear but different color combos that u never have to change once you have done the method i figured out. As others may have to, but no more random gear colors (lime green shoes on the blue jays, stuff like that) be easy for me to make work with ur College Rosters. Like i said i may be going to detailed but i dont mind the time.
  22. Is there a way to randomize their body types and builds? (the setting for buff, ripped, calf size, chest size etc) i only ask bc it gives it more of random look and athletic build (i manually set all the mlb players and that shit sucked and is taking me forever. Im doing a lot of stuff manually at this point) . Also i noticed that skin tone has 11 setting but 2k doesnt use them all? Also random setting for personal gear, once again i did this for every player manually err... I may be asking too much here but only out of curiosity and i mean for ur project not mine. Im OCD as hell so i wouldnt mind going threw the college rosters and do it if need be, ive gotn pretty fast at it and kept it random.
  23. Thank you, you saved me some trial and error time as well as giving me some heads up on what to and not to change. The abbreviation would have hung me up. I came across some similar problems when moving some stuff around. Those are the little things ive looked over and coming to find. Just got off work going to dive in and see how lost i can get. Im pointed in the right direction
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