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  1. mcoll

    creating green layer

    im still confused after i do the first gray layer i dont know what goes over what since we no longer deal layers as numbers 05 and 06.
  2. mcoll

    creating green layer

    ok got the guide, but if any is fimialr with it im a little stuck. im working on trying to get the green worked on and using layer numbers. 05, 06, this was written when that would be right, but is longer the case. i know one of them is the visible color layer of the uniform, but i dont for sure the other layer. it the green i need to pull out from the file or what peice are talking about?
  3. mcoll

    creating green layer

    i know i sow to make the green layer before, but can someone point to it or give some instrrction on it. my greens are coming out wrong. im using photoshop and paint.net but would use what best to make properly.
  4. what is the box in the lower right corner of the uniform used for, if anything. i know it was talked about, am not recalling what the answer was and am not finding it at the moment
  5. make sence. specially if you dont have the right images to see the differances.
  7. dont blame you for what your doing. it a lot to do but if you can do it that's great. its over my head, so i appericate you or anyone who wants to tackle this projects, the only difference i would made from what your doing swamped the brewers and astros league assignments, even be there would be in the wrong div. or swaped astros for arizona or colorado,
  8. padres are looking good but i confused about the number set. the one in the set block style, but another site it appears they went something to akind to what they used a few years ago. are they now using the block set, or they need to be updated.,. if the other one, i'd be willing to make that chage with permission of course, minus the green layer. i never have figured that out to do that part.
  9. i dont if that needs to be done. a lot of teams from the north play in Fl. to start there seasons. big ten schools useally start ther season along the gulf coast, fla, or out west in Ariz. or Cal.
  10. mcoll


    ok, but i thought it was clear.
  11. whatever the quirk is im not seeing. seems there good to go.
  12. mcoll

    MVP on new computer

    there a a number of threads on the site that might help, if you want to try it, but the short of is this. im assuming you meant mvp05. if thats the case then try the theads for mvp05 and the os your rworiking with. but i will tell you there not been a alot of luck running it windows 10. if your system is windows 7 or 8 you have much better luck running it,. if non this helps it could be the disk, even you stated new computer these are sre your first step to trying to get it going. as best any of us in able to tell you without know your specs and os to help you. if you would add your specs inclusing oos we might be able to help you more, but the suggestions i have said will help you to. you can get windows 7 system for under a hundred if that your soution. that what i did.
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