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  1. im assuming your tying to do this wth the astros in the al.
  2. the only issue i can think that might be an issue, the marlins. im not sure when they sent from Florida to Miami Marlins, and that could an issue. remember the basic uniform editor program and to be redone because the marlins. the roster 1 is for Florida and the redone one is Miami ther not compatible without with other. i dont know if anything related to naming like is an issue with reditor, simply buace of the name in any way. i dont mean between editors, i know they dont work together.
  3. interesting project. i hope it works. i like the astros in nl, so what im planing to to do is strcitkly visual change for now im going swap arizona and houston. i think the editor will allow for assignelt of parks and aduto with issue, but i havent look it enough to be sure. then if works out ok i'll swap tb for Milwaukee. far from perfect way of doing this but an idea
  4. i had to look a little for it when i was looking. im not surprised it was missed at least you have it now kc this is the eintre set i know of. including the change in tone of color. the only thing missing is what tone sand are they using.
  5. mcoll

    Full Roster 2019

    what cbyer faces and proits is this base with?
  6. mcoll

    Mod tools

    both texture editors work for me in that build. the oringal one does take a second longer than in the past open, but does open
  7. mcoll

    Mod tools

    it does work. i use the texautre editor both the old one and kc english verion just fine
  8. mcoll

    name of file.

    ty. i would have overlooked uniform*** for the scorebug. that easy to miss
  9. mcoll

    name of file.

    what file(s) contain the logos and colors for the teams related to in in game score board where the adbrivations appear. as i remember each teams as 3 different sizes logs used., but i'm not recalling where there used?
  10. i mean how would any nuber or letter type to appear like the bluejays set.
  11. does anyone know take any numbers and/or letters and split them like the numbers are below in photoshop cc or paint.net
  12. guys pages load not loading does happen very rarely on the site so it might happening to him. the only way i know when does "loading" is wait a second and if continues then do a refresh of the page and it should load up. that how get the page loading to work. its very random and rare event.
  13. virtual dont do will for games. i dont think you really to need to worry that much about gpu issue. if you get small mobile or something, there cards designed for it, plus the amount of ram uesde by games around that time is small for games maybe 512mb. ram itself probably ist that expensive , specially because you likely only would need about 8gb given windows 7.
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