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  1. the uniforms you listed are orngially mine. ll have look in my stored stuff and see if i still have them. if i do, i g to you, but itll be a few days until i can do that
  2. make sence. specially if you dont have the right images to see the differances.
  3. dont blame you for what your doing. it a lot to do but if you can do it that's great. its over my head, so i appericate you or anyone who wants to tackle this projects, the only difference i would made from what your doing swamped the brewers and astros league assignments, even be there would be in the wrong div. or swaped astros for arizona or colorado,
  4. padres are looking good but i confused about the number set. the one in the set block style, but another site it appears they went something to akind to what they used a few years ago. are they now using the block set, or they need to be updated.,. if the other one, i'd be willing to make that chage with permission of course, minus the green layer. i never have figured that out to do that part.
  5. i dont if that needs to be done. a lot of teams from the north play in Fl. to start there seasons. big ten schools useally start ther season along the gulf coast, fla, or out west in Ariz. or Cal.
  6. dont think the srinp season was expanded. as remeber its always been around 30 games. tas for how they do rosters its unsing full 40 man roster, no splits in game. in real life splits are only about five times per each team, never very many. for game im sure its 40 man , no splts it would just make the sripng stuff more diffucalt than as to be for us.
  7. im assuming your tying to do this wth the astros in the al.
  8. the only issue i can think that might be an issue, the marlins. im not sure when they sent from Florida to Miami Marlins, and that could an issue. remember the basic uniform editor program and to be redone because the marlins. the roster 1 is for Florida and the redone one is Miami ther not compatible without with other. i dont know if anything related to naming like is an issue with reditor, simply buace of the name in any way. i dont mean between editors, i know they dont work together.
  9. interesting project. i hope it works. i like the astros in nl, so what im planing to to do is strcitkly visual change for now im going swap arizona and houston. i think the editor will allow for assignelt of parks and aduto with issue, but i havent look it enough to be sure. then if works out ok i'll swap tb for Milwaukee. far from perfect way of doing this but an idea
  10. what cbyer faces and proits is this base with?
  11. i think this is the english version of the 3dm tool
  12. how did you get the neck collar to look like a v-neck. i've tried to it and cant get it right!
  13. its a lot let me sort out becasue i know i have duplaites of things and see how how large it is. it take a day or two to do it. some of is work psd files.
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