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  1. mcoll


    ok, but i thought it was clear.
  2. whatever the quirk is im not seeing. seems there good to go.
  3. mcoll

    MVP on new computer

    there a a number of threads on the site that might help, if you want to try it, but the short of is this. im assuming you meant mvp05. if thats the case then try the theads for mvp05 and the os your rworiking with. but i will tell you there not been a alot of luck running it windows 10. if your system is windows 7 or 8 you have much better luck running it,. if non this helps it could be the disk, even you stated new computer these are sre your first step to trying to get it going. as best any of us in able to tell you without know your specs and os to help you. if you would add your specs inclusing oos we might be able to help you more, but the suggestions i have said will help you to. you can get windows 7 system for under a hundred if that your soution. that what i did.
  4. mcoll


    with all do respect gordo you miised the question, but kcsyter was able to answer it.
  5. mcoll


    all im seeing is how fix issues of controllers, im asking about what controllers are used for the game.
  6. mcoll


    i guess. i dont remeber what we used to hit and pitch with?
  7. mcoll


    i trying to recall what the control was that worked with mvp. it long enough i remeber what we used for it.
  8. mcoll

    starting agian

    that not what i meant. i mean what items would want to pickup. i know and found the patch 5, but what else do i want pick up.
  9. mcoll

    starting agian

    im ready to start agian with mvp05, but i need a refresher on what tools and thigns i need beside the game itself to play around with. for parks, uniforms, rosters. that stuff and what file the main things reside in. i know the roster will go into the doc sav folder for ie. but dont remember where the other things belong and what needed to get them there.
  10. yea its due to an incorrect piece of the specific uniform file being saved improperly and can be fixed. in was saved with the the wrong format for the nameplate within the file.
  11. is anyone working the new padres any other team update. if not i might try to a version of it. shortly. for mlb2k12
  12. mcoll

    oopt 20

    just brought this month
  13. mcoll

    oopt 20

    updating game the game tells me its wants the game updated, and tells each way to go base on how you brought base sn, but im confused specially since i dont know sn, but brought direct from there site, so how do i do the the update
  14. dont think the srinp season was expanded. as remeber its always been around 30 games. tas for how they do rosters its unsing full 40 man roster, no splits in game. in real life splits are only about five times per each team, never very many. for game im sure its 40 man , no splts it would just make the sripng stuff more diffucalt than as to be for us.
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