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  1. mcoll

    roster 2001

    i picked up the 2001 roster, and was working with, for color uniform to what i want, but have discovered it likely was edited at some point using vlad editor, and i don't think he's around and i'm using ty editor, is there anyway use ty editor given that they play together, export all the players. or something. its just the colors for uniforms i'm really trying to change.
  2. if its the disk, that not the case. i have the game retail disk, it doesn't matter. ive stiwtched computer times and it doesn't even ask for sn when i install it.
  3. all the files are on this disk, just use 7.zip to exstract the zips and fined what you need
  4. mcoll

    .dds plug in

    ive been forced to have to use Photoshop cc, which is now cc 2019 version, and saw intel plug in and telworks or something like that, and nivida version. but wondering if anyone know if either of them will work with this version. or know of a dds what will work with it.
  5. got it working. the problem the cd unit the issue turned out to be the cd unit i was using wasn't working right, so i swaped out for an different unit and installed right this time.
  6. as anyone tried installing and running the game in the say the last 6 months and if so how did you get it running. i ran run on 8.1, but its a pain to deaul to boot and like doing that, but if that my only choose i will. i thought was athread about this, but i've throught a number pages and did not find it.
  7. is paint.net still the best alt to photoshop? and is it still able to handle layers like .psd files
  8. mcoll


    uses iff files, but wondering if anyone knows what can be used to open it to export and import pecies with. this is pc version
  9. im going back to setting up mvp, and i know its hard to get to run windoews 10, but what is the best os to get it running on.
  10. what photo editing programs are there that good i can use that support import and export of .dds format. that not Photoshop. from what i can tell the current version does not support that format. or at leas the right type of .dds. if im wrong let me know, or what i could use please.
  11. mcoll


    im beginning to make uniforms agian, but the one color right now i cant get a handle on is most refer to as powder blue. anyone know what the right hex value is for that color seen it listed somewhere and general hex vaule for a far shede of Gray for roads uniforms.
  12. there two files here. What the differance in the two files?
  13. mcoll

    editing color

    im editing the colors using ty editor 1.1 which the current one and moving listing around for organizational reasons, but i need a little bit of information. if i recall you don't want to get rid of uniforms clearly, but you can get rid the created teams, if your not creating teams, i believe you can use the cob slots to create uniforms where need, but can you get rid of them too, or must they be there. any other reminders tips would be welcomed too.
  14. im working the editor, i believe im using a roster made after the change over from fla to mim, but when i go to import ard colors, its crashing. i know the editor itself is the one which is for mim and roster is the one that comes with the total conversion on windows 10. anyone with any ideas what the crashing is. the crashing as if you wer trying use mim and wants a fla.
  15. im in need of the save settings for Photoshop dds format and theis there an alternative format to save the uniforms in. second if you using cc version after setting up the files properly is anything different i need to do to have into dds format and what due i need to do? im kind of being forced to shift to cc.
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