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  1. Sounds like I might be out of luck?
  2. Right? I was looking at this and it doesn't seem reasonable to pay $175 for the 2005 version. They're probably so overpriced because of the great modding community for the 2005 version. Anyone know if there is a roster update that would work for MVP2004?
  3. Thanks for the reply! Are there any mods for MVP2004 on this site that will update the rosters to a newer version (anything in the 2010s?)
  4. Hi, While playing MVP2004, I stumbled across this website. I noticed it has a lot of mods for the 2005 version of the game. Is there any way to obtain a copy of MVP2005 and then mod it or are there mods to 2004. All I am really interested in is updating rosters to a newer version where I can play with Trout. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
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