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  1. Is there a way to remove this arrow when outfielding on my player? I would like to track the ball without having this arrow on screen telling me where to go. Is there a way to remove it?
  2. I basically purchased a key for the game to download it it would be like downloading it from 2k off amazon except its not available on amazon but yes I downloaded it.
  3. Yea I got it off of one of those game key websites for like 10 dollars. Everything works fine I have tested it and every single stadium in the game works except the AA Central Field which just shows a glitched screen. Right now for my player I'm just simulating the home games and then playing all the away games.
  4. This disk? Are you referring to something you put or a file I should already have?
  5. I am trying to do the myplayer Mode in mlb 2k12 and right now My player is in AA as I just started it. The problem is every stadium in the game loads except for the AA stadiums which leads me to believe they are corrupted (It shows my player standing in the box and in the field i can control him, everything works the stadium and the field just do not show up). If Anyone could give me a copy of their stadium_aac.iff, stadium_aas.iff, and stadium_aae.iff that would be great. Or atleast tell me where I can find the download for just these stadiums. I found a download for the AAA stadiums but nothing for the AA stadiums is to be found.
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