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  1. Now have a new problem is this: i don't pitch after update my mlb 2k12 to 2k15, do you have any idea why it happens?
  2. ¿How can i change houston to american league in mlb 2k12?
  3. Alex-Rod13


    Good morning, afternoon or evening, I want to know if you have a solution, when I create a player in MLB 2k12 Roster edit it appears normal on the roster but when I save it and import it into the game it does not appear anywhere, know why? or do you have any solution? Buenos dias, tardes o noches, quisiera saber si tienen solucion, cuando creo un jugador en MLB 2k12 Roster edit me aparece normal en el roster pero cuando lo guardo y lo importo al juego no aparece por ningun lado, ¿saber porque? o tienes alguna solucion?
  4. It's cool but, can you upload the database folder please? Puedes subir la carpeta database por favor?
    Fantastic faces, and now they are more realistic. Good faces bro!
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Cristian Pache's face from the Atlanta Braves now if I made sure he had an id 202
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, this is the face of brandon drury, id is 40
    It's fantastic what you do bro!
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