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  1. Okay, so shame on me. I just had to update the video driver. Thought it was up to date. I still couldn't work out the problem with the patch, though. I manually set the time to 9/9/2012 and it worked fine but it did not without the date change. I installed the patch multiple times. I have no clue what I do wrong. Thx everybody for the help. The problem has resolved itself somehow. I guess the 312th time of installing the patch really made a difference.
  2. Alright, I'm sorry about the wrong origin of the patch. Is there an alternative from you guys? Second here are my specs:
  3. So, I haven't played MLB 2k12 (pc dvd-version) in years because of the date issue. Then today I read about your guys' great patch and downloaded it. Now I can't even get the game to start. The screen will turn black for a split second but the game doesn't even load. Before I got at least to see the screen with Verlander. I'm running it on Windows 10 and my monitor is on 3840x2160 resolution. Can anyone help?
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