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  1. I have the same problem with my DS4 on Windows XP, 80% of the buttons are mapped right, but I always dive when running. Tried numerous calibrations and different profiles, unfortunaetly due to XP's limitations, I just caved and bought an old Logitech Dual Action again. It's hilarious, because after all these grand ideas I had, my final product is using the exact same computer, controller etc. as i did 15 years ago.
  2. Everything going great, playing MVP 05 without mods, but my owner mode crashes every time I try to start a game. After searching threads I can provide this info : - My copy is physical and legitimate, I just purchased it on Ebay. (I also bought a PC and PS2 copy back in 2005.) - Fresh install as of 2 days ago, used the all 5 patch download, no mods. - I have attempted playing a game in all other modes, this works. - All my research shows that this is usually a no cd crack issue, which isn't the case for me. - Disc 2 in the tray. What am I missing?
  3. Thanks Gordo, appreciate the help. Here is my update : Tried on Windows 7 pro, nothing worked, tried all fixes I could find on forum. Went and robbed my old PC at my folk's house from 10 years ago with XP, installed vanilla and all 5 patches, bingo works great. Gonna play for a bit, make sure I don't have rose colored glasses on with this game, then continue on with mods possibly. Toying with idea of just doing the 15 TCM. I appreciate the help on cyberfaces, but honestly guys....when you look at the cyberface list, it's not very clean in the regard that Im not sure which "main packs" I need. My assumption would be that there would be a main 16,17,18 and 19 pack, which I think I found a couple but not all. Ill check back after I play the game a little.
  4. So after even more research on this site, I have been humbled. See I am new to the Master race of PC's, always been consoles. I just built my first custom CPU with help from a friend, with decent specs, and I just figured " hey MVP 05 will work." Well I am an idiot (right Yankee4Life?). Well as most of you know, Windows 10......well let's not even go there. I guess I will have to try my work notebook with Windows 7 Professional. At this point, I don't even care about mods, I just want to play the Vanilla game with no stuttering. So backing up, I ask again : If all I want to do is play MVP 05 Vanilla with no stuttering on Windows 7 Professional, what all should I do? I'm thinking normal install, patches, and then possibly that 4GB patch that has been posted? Is there anything else I would be missing? Also, It appears I should still run in compatability mode, is this correct? Thanks in advance.
  5. So it appears like I install MVP 05, then do patch 2 update, then insall 2015 mod, then 2019 roster mod? Is that right?
  6. Just re-purchased the game on PC, haven't played since 2006. I have searched the sight and have an idea of what I should do, but not exactly sure. What I want to do is this : Play MVP 05 Use Current Rosters Add any visual or performance mods Pretty much play the game with current rosters at its max potential. What steps shoul;d I take to do this. I have NOT installed anything ever or yet on this computer. Also : Is there some sort of attribute database for legend players? I wanna create a team of all my favorite legends using realistic stats from their prime. Thanks a lot.
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