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    *EDIT: I thought i had posted this under Support, but it appears i did not. Move if necessary. I already searched the internet for the answers to the first 2 questions, but didnt find any satisfactory answers. the other two are opinion based. What does the * next to some relief pitchers name mean? What are the black boxes that appear outside the strike zone while batting mean? Ive even had no black boxes on the first pitch, and subsequently, a black box would appear afterwards for the rest of the pitches. Why do so many of the sliders here have User Pitching Control so low. The one I'm using now (the oldest, original BSU rosters) has it at 0, which literally makes the pitches go nowhere near your pitch locations. Am i missing something pertinent to pitching that I am not doing? Or perhaps do some people just prefer the unpredictability of their pitches. I had to move mine up to 50 because, to be blunt, I want the pitches to at least go in close proximity to the location leaving room for for timing and fatigue to alter its couse, but the numbers Ive been seeing cause really unpredictable pitches even when you stop at 90% of the max. What are people's strategy about Batters Eye on batting. Do people generally leave the black circle unmoved, and then move it with the pitch? Thats usually what i do, but sometimes in the top of the order with power hitters i will move it lower before the pitch hoping to get lucky when I'm at 3-0,3-1. Do people generally not move the circle at all, waiting on their pitch, untill 2 strikes then chase pitches to foul off? I've been using classic hitting because I'm more oldschool, but I have no philosophical problem with Total control batting and switched back last night and actually think it might be more helpful to me because i always seem to be early in classic, while the slight delay of the joystick causes my timing to be better. Do people mostly use contact swings, reserving power swings for 3-0,3-1 counts? I saw a youtube video where someone (who at least seemed to know what they are talking about) said to use contact swings most of the time, and by most, like all unless its the 9th inning and your down and a HR can tie it or win it.
  2. *Thread is old but I am going to answer for people looking for this answer in the future* If you go into the sliders and change ONE value on any of the preset sliders (Rookie, etc), the whole preset (including the ONE value you changed) will now become your new "custom" and there is no way to get the original custom settings back within that franchise (that i know of ) unless you have them written down somewhere and changed them back one by one. This mistake is easy to do, for instance, if you are trying to compare a custom setting you have with a preset to see if its bigger or smaller (for tweeking purposes) and you press down on the joystick rapidly and you accidently slightly press to the left or right thus changing the value of the setting that is highlighted at the moment. The moment you do that, your screwed. I have phone screenshots of my settings to ensure i can set them back manually if i accidently overwrite them. I suspect you unintentionally did this and maybe didnt even notice. Other then that explanation, I dont know of any reason.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I dont think the patches will help for reasons you can figure out. I ended up going back to 2k11. The 2k12 Audio Overhaul mods works in it (with a slight glitch in menu music where a song will play in the middle upon startup, but no biggie), and all the other mods I had in 2k12 have copies in 2k11. Also one of the ENB's in 2k12 works in it (the one that I guess is for a San Andreas game). Pitching fatigue and CPU pitcher management just works as it should so far in 2k11 and it was a huge immersion breaker in 2k12. The only thing is the skies seem to be better in 2k12, Im going to experiment and see if 2k12's sky texture mods will work in 2k11 and make a difference. I dont think they will because the problem is lack of sky features, not the texture themselves, but i'll try anway. By the way, am I allowed to upload a 2k11 mod megapack consisting of all the mods that I use for 2k11 that are from this site exclusively (including the ones that work from 2k12) as long as I give credit to those that made them? It would just make it easier for someone to get all the proper mods (Stadiums for instance that are individual files) in one file and streamline the whole process and save people time from the experimenting I am doing.
  4. Just switched back to MLB 2k12 after discovering the time bat file. Played a full game last night, and my pitcher fatigue was resetting back to full. If I had a mound visit, it would switch back to the right number temporarily. Also, if I exited and saved and went back, it would temporarily show the correct fatigue. The bug effected the CPU pitcher the same. He was relieved in the 7th inning. I'm assuming this is just a display bug. Also I got pretty wild too late game, although my fatigue number was still high. Is this a known issue? Could it be an issue with the MLB 2k15 total mod stadium pack or audio overhaul pack I installed (nothing else in that colllection)? I doubt it. Is there any other way of viewing the pitchers fatigue in the menu system? I couldnt find any. Its not game breaking, but slightly annoying. It almost makes me want to go back to 11, but that has bugs too like forgetting strikes which is more annoying, at least if your pitching.
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