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  1. Sorry, was not bumping. I'm new here, was just looking for help.
  2. He got it in a box lot from an estate sale. It didn't come with the jewel case or manual. No problem, I don't need it. Just need a solution to the issue stated above. Hopefully someone can provide an answer. The person I bought the game from gave me a full refund and told me I could keep the game. It doesn't do me any good if I can't get it installed. So if anyone knows, please share. Thanks
  3. The game didn't come with the jewel case or manual so Googled Missing Game Key for MVP Baseball 2005 & found a post that listed a few Keys. Just took the first one & it worked. As for Scratches on the Disc, No, the disc is perfect. No scratches or marks. I'd call it close to mint.
  4. So, I received MVP Baseball 2005 today. It does not have a game key but I was able to find one that got me to the installation point. The game starts to install & hangs at Data\Models.Big which is 10% of download. How can I get past this? I tried to install on my C drive in programs x86 and I also tried installing on an external HD. Same issue. Thanks
  5. No problem. I'm going to attempt to get it running myself first before I get Dell involved. If all fails, I will contact them & see if they can help me & I will definitely share my findings.
  6. Well, I'll do my best. If it's that difficult & I don't get any luck here, I'll call Dell Support for my PC. They have been very helpful in getting games to work on Windows 10. I'll keep ya's updated & I'm sure you'll see plenty of posts from me for help. Thanks
  7. I actually owned the game back in 2010 and played it quite a bit. Wore it out, sold it and watched some videos' on Youtube and it got me thinking how much I enjoyed playing it. I'll end up buying it and get totally frustrated trying to figure out how to get it to work. Just glad this link is still alive & hopefully someone will be able to help me out if I have trouble. I'm not too computer savvy so will need some guidance. Thank you for your reply
  8. I am thinking about purchasing MVP 2005 Baseball for PC. I have Windows 10 Dell XPS-8930 machine. Sounds like I'll have major problems.. Thoughts? Thank you in advance. B
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