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  1. While I continue to code for functional app that yall can use for ratings, I wanted to share this database I built, could be cool for all you superfans and 2k editors. The color scale for the minor league hitters is based off of cumulative wRC+ while the pitchers' colors is based off of a cumulative ERA-FIP average. It automatically updates every 5 min. Still a working progress; I am adding all their Fangraphs player page links and MiLB page links. http://probaseballradar.com
  2. I have marched forward in creating this system. I have made significant progress as evidenced by the attached PDF below. I am currently still tweaking the attribute rating regressions for Contact, Doubles, Power, and Batter Eye. The ultimate goal is to create a user-friendly app where y'all can just type the player name, and all the ratings will be computed. Please check out the Report attached. I used Mike Trout as an example on the PDF. 2k20-Rating-System-Sample.pdf
  3. Hey guys, I have been working diligently on creating a functional and up-to-date roster for MLB 2k13 on Xbox 360. You can see some of my work on this thread on OS https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/mlb-2k-rosters/968183-mlb-2k13-2020-roster-updates-xbox-360-a.html. I wish to create a new ratings system because a 'Ratings Calculator' does not take into account the differences in leagues (if they hitter/pitcher friendly) and the literal changes to the baseball year-to-year. I think it would be much more accurate to create a system based off of a 0-100 scale (dependent on the parameter) relative to other players, as opposed to relative to a static formula. In addition, we have these amazing sources (Baseball Savant, Frangraphs, etc) to collect relevant data. The basic premise is to normalize the most recent year of player stats to 650 PA or 162 games (for hitters, for starters and relievers, we can come up with an appropriate standard) and take into account previous years (2017-2019) and normalizing that to the same number, then by implementing a formula using the min and max, we can re-create those statistics onto a scale of our choice. Then, for a player who does not have sufficient data or does not appear on a given table, we can estimate the ratings based off a regression formula of that specific data set. I am posting here because I would love to know if anyone has expertise in R or even Python, that would be interested in assisting me with this project. If not, I would love to know which statistics would be most helpful for estimating whichever ratings parameters. Below, I included a PDF of the code I started to work on. I chose Sprint Speed from Baseball Savant as a parameter for rating Speed in 2k. The CSV file is the output. Sample R Code.pdf player_speed.csv
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