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  1. Are these rosters compatible with both MVP 2005 and MVP 2015 Conversion Mod?
  2. Hi Everybody! I was playing my clean copy of MVP 2005 and I was in the mood for starting a new Owner Mode. However, every time I clicked to go and save my Owner Mode, it would crash. I then tried to start one on my Patch #5 copy of the game, but the same thing would happen. However, when I tried to test it out on one of the modded versions I have, like the 1993 Mod, it worked fine. Are there any ideas for what may be wrong? I'm thinking I might I have to uninstall the game and reinstall it again, but does that mean I'll lose all of my save information from my other mods I have? Thank
  3. Wow, sounds awesome! Keep up the good work!
  4. Awesome! I love playing in a packed house Kingdome!
  5. Wow, this is absolutely genius! As a lifelong fan of the Mariners, I can't wait to roam CF with Griffey in an unfinished Safeco lol! I assume the Kingdome will still be an available stadium to play in as well?
  6. Thank you for the update, BallFour! If it's possible, do you have a rough idea for when you'll finish? No pressure though, this Mod is going to be AMAZING!
  7. A quick suggestion about the rosters: is it possible to make sure that all of the players' ages are also correct? For example, Derek Jeter would be 23 years old at the start of the 1998 season, Griffey would be 28 years old, etc. I've noticed some mods don't change the players' ages to match the correct year of the mod. Thank you, this 1998 mod sounds amazing!
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