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  1. Maybe this program could help you. https://github.com/Experiment5X/BIG-File-Extractor Here's more info about it https://zenhax.com/viewtopic.php?t=11568 It apparently has the script you are looking for.
  2. Good luck, man. I hope you will be able to make the rosters for this great console. I was trying to make an updated roster in game since i don't know how to use the pc programs and it takes an eternity.
  3. I just tried this and it didn't work. Seems like the ISO got corrupted. Perhaps i did something wrong? I don't really know much about this. Anyways. i will keep making the custom rosters, but if you manage to do something with the PS2 version let me know! By the way, Boyd from Detroit has the same issue as Glasnow in the PSP rosters. Just change his pitching stance and it will work.
  4. Here's the link to download the PS2 models file https://mega.nz/file/9hcnSajQ#9YuFABJ4qJjTvpmRPQDT5nqNGiifXsPnurWjMYjPYZ0
  5. I will try this with the PC rosters and let you know if it works. I'm uploading the models.ig file to MEGA, since it's a bit heavy and my internet is terrible.
  6. Just tried this with Glasnow and now it works fine! Let me know if you can do something with the PS2 version, please. Thank you!
  7. Here's the PS2 file. As for the issue with PSP rosters, i will check out to see with what teams it happens and let you know. DATABASE.BIG
  8. I will try to extract it from the PS2 MVP ISO and will post it here. Also, today i encountered an error with PSP rosters. I was playing against Tampa Bay and the game just stopped and wouldn't advance once they were going to start pitching. This only happened with Tyler Glasnow as their starter, once i put other pitcher it worked fine.
  9. I just tested the updated roster with PPSSPP and it works great. Could this be done for the PS2 version of the game? Just being curious. I'm trying to make an updated roster for both PS2 and PS3 (via backwards compatibility), but it will take a while since i'm creating and editing the players in game.
  10. I have my Xbox modded and I've been playing the game with bagwell4ever's rosters since last year, but since it doesn't looks like he will make new ones for this season, i thought i could convert the most recent PC rosters and later share them here. Which files would i use from the PC mod? The database.big and hist.dat? If i just FTP them without any changes will it work? Could you explain me how can you change customer cyberfaces to the generic faces? Also, bagwell4ever's rosters have some players with different portraits (Andrew Benintendi with Roberto Alomar portrait and Rafael
  11. Hello guys, i would like to know how could i convert the MVP PC files for Xbox or the PS2. I know it can be done for the Xbox since i have downloaded stadiums, uniforms and even some logos, but i don't know what tools are used to do it. I don't know if the same applies for the PS2 version of the game, since i've only seen custom rosters made in game and are very old. Anyways, thanks in advance!
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