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  1. Thanks in responding but kind of disappointed that I can't start 1995 with this mod. So there no way to fix the crash (draft wont work and crashes when you pick next season)? Has anyone else have this problem when playing the Total Classic 1993 mod when starting a new season, what asking? Sorry Yankee4Life on making two post on same thing - I notice when I post the 1st time my post was in wrong forum, sorry
  2. Hello All: I like to asked for help on playing Total Classic 1993 mod. What is happening is the season is over and I get to draft section. The teams are picked but then I start the draft I get page for signing free agents. I can't seem to get passed this page, so I skip the draft. I start a new season and game crashes all the time. Is there away to fix this, please let me know and thanks?
  3. Hi, just asking can you add the Fox (CBS) All Star Game, NLCS, ALCS, World Series, Division series themes to this mods? I love to make this more realistic Plus you should add the CBS Sports when the Blue Jays won their 2 World Series, that be cool too
  4. Hi, sorry I abit excited getting this game again, had it on xbox but wanted to get on pc to mod it. What is this tool add teams and change the playoffs, I really like to know? Does each team have a code to change so you can add that team in new season? Please let me know and thanks for your help
  5. Hi, I like to asked do you know of a overlay that has World Series, All Star Game, Division series, championship series and have regular season stuff too?   I picked the Fox one but wanted Sports Net overlay too.   Sorry excited it getting this game and what to mod it like watching tv.   Please let me know and thanks for your help

  6. Hi, I like to asked if you can edit the money we start with in owner mode so we can have a full stadium (not a stadium that we have build up)?
  7. Hi, I like to asked how to add a new team or teams from the last day of World Series - something like a expansion. Do I just turn on say Florida and Col, make a new season and play from there, what about roster too? From the main mvp 2005 files those team exist, so just have turn on right? Sorry I new to this, I was a xbox owner of this game but wanted this game on pc so I can mod this game. Please let me know and thanks for help. PS: What to start a new Dynasty Mode or Owner mod that start in 1994 (strike year), then add new teams etc
  8. Hi, just asking does this mod have ALCS logo too?
  9. Hi, I like to asked can you have two Overlays - say team sport town media and then fox sports in playoffs and all star game?
  10. droidbot25

    Sports Net

    Hi, just asking where to install? Also is there a ALCS, NLCS, WORLD SERIES & ALL STAR GAME overall to this mod? If not can merge the Fox playoff with this mod?
  11. Thank You for your help? I like to asked can you add more teams to each division - like expansion team? Forgot to asked do you make that change before a season starts?
  12. Hi, I just started playing and I want to know if you can add and move more teams in each league (say have 6 teams in each division)? I notice Houston is in a NL central and like to move to AL West please? I have the PC version of this game, please let me know and thanks?
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