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  1. No, the amount of vertices is few times bigger than in original model. However, it's not the same for faces. I tried to import the face, and it worked only with same or similar vertex count. I think there's a limit for .ord filesize. My modified face: Also, 0.172 was released today. I will try to prepare a tutorial on replacing the ball model - opening in Blender, creating textures, converting to .O and .FSH Just to not forget: For ball model, I modified vertex colors to make the ball less bright: -setVCol 808080FF Baseball bat model includes 8
  2. You can run the tool on Windows 7, 8 or 10 without problems. Same for Blender, I think. I see everyone talks about cyberfaces, but I would like to start with simple models first. I still don't know if import works fine. From my tests, there are a lot of problems with adding files into .BIG. So here's the first success with model import: I imported this ball model: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/worn-baseball-ball-fdf3de6ae225421ea78961b897b9608a and this bat model: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/harley-quinns-good-night-baseball-bat-73a601697b684d7f9
  3. Generally, there are no visible limitations in .O or .FSH, but the engine and the game might have some specific limits. So it should work, but it's hard to say without a working example. First of all, it's recommended to use -dummyTextures option when you convert .O to .GLTF. This will create blank PNG images for all textures which are referenced by the model. So you will see which textures are required. After this, you can find related .FSH files and extract them the same folder. For stadiums, the file is called "Textures.fsh", but there might be some other FSH files with common tex
  4. OTools is a set of tools for importing/exporting EA Sports model format (.O). OTools provides an ability to convert .O (.ORD/.ORL) files into 3d-software-friendly file format (GLTF), and also to convert 3d file formats (GLTF, FBX, OBJ etc.) into .O (.ORD/.ORL). It also provides additional functionality, such as packing and unpacking .FSH files. Since version 0.171, an experimental support for MVP Baseball games (MVP Baseball 2003; MVP Baseball 2004; MVP Baseball 2005) was added. Source code:https://bitbucket.org/fifam/otools Downloads:https://
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