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  1. ¿Podrian ayudarme a editar Roster? yo estaba usando Mvpedit.
  2. is there a way to solve the reading issue? since although the change is not reflected in the game, when I reopen / import the database the edited name if it is displayed for his part, I comment on the steps that I carry out to make said edition: I open the Mvpedit. I import the MvpCaribe Database (the game) I edit any name only, in my particular case, the MvpCaribe (the game) that I have, has players WITHOUT NAME, so I name them. - Then I EXPORT to the DATABASE folder of the MvpCaribe (the game) that would be the same as the import, and the process is completed with
  3. Utilizo la herramienta MVPedit y Exporto/guardo sin problemas los cambios que hice (en este momento solo nombres en jugadores que no tienen nombres) y estos cambios no se ven reflejados en el juego Mvp propiamente. ¿Que puedo hacer para ver los cambios? ¿La herramienta funciona para cualquier Mvp Caribe? I use the MVPedit tool and export / save the changes I made without problems (at this moment only names in players that do not have names) and these changes are not reflected in the Mvp game itself. What can I do to see the changes? Does the tool work for any Mvp Caribe?
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