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  1. Done ... and the exact problem persists.
  2. Yo Gordo, I'd have no problem filling in some of the minor league teams, at least getting the FAs in right places, but I pulled down a fresh copy of MVPEdit and I get this error msg when I open it (meant to mention this for a couple weeks) ... "Component 'mscomctl.ocx' or one of its dependencies not currently registered: a file missing or invalid." Anybody ... anything? Yes, I'm in Windows 10. No, I haven't set up my VMWare Workstation to run in XP.
  3. Hey kids, I moved in Jan. and haven't done anything with this since Dec. and I'm getting the itch ... I got ahold of a copy of VMWare Workstation and was going to try to run the game in XP through that. Has anyone given that a whirl and if so, any results?
  4. I guess I'm late to the party and better late than never ... I preface my remarks with that I come from Philadelphia, and Rose helped bring the city it's first World Series title. Nobody busted their @$$ more between the chalk lines than Charlie Hustle. AND my wife's family is from the Columbus area and are lifelong Reds fans, which makes the next paragraph less popular around the Xmas dinner table ... There is ONE rule posted in EVERY professional baseball clubhouse (I've seen it in at least 5 places), it's the one about not betting on baseball if you play baseball. Pete broke it. Then he lied about it for ~20 years until it became profitable to admit it and sell the book. It's one thing to break the rule, it's another to continually lie for 20 years about it and I don't know which one is worse. MLB has banned Rose, and the HOF has a hand-in-hand policy that no player under a ban from MLB will be allowed to grace its halls. I think Pete wants his ban overturned not so much for the Hall than to be able to be around the game again, as a coach or instructor or one of these contrived "special associate advisor to the General Manager" titles, kinda like what Don Zimmer did for the Yankees and Rays or Yogi Berra did for the Astros for many years. But it can't happen. Kudos to Rob Manfred. Now excuse me while I try to dig out of my wife and in-law's doghouse.
  5. It won't fix your W10 problems running MVP, but FWIW, a close friend who is an IT expert told me this ... If you are not running on a network (i.e. one PC at home) and you are running 7, stay with 7. If you were running 7 and upgraded to 10, go back to 7. If you are running 8, go to 10. And if you see Bill Gates on the street, kick him in the d!ck for letting M$ subscribe to the theory of "If it ain't broke, break it."
    Utley in a non-red uni makes me sad ... other than that, as usual, this is great work.
  6. I went to Cooperstown in '95 when Schmidt and Richie Ashburn (me and my dad's favorites as kids) went in and thoroughly loved it. Yes it was crowded as hell considering most of Philadelphia also made the trip but my uncle lived in Schenectady then and let me stay with him the night before and after induction day. I made the 90-minute drive into town at daybreak and parked behind some school and hiked a mile or so into town. Made a beeline for the Museum, the ticket is good all day, come and go as you please, so I just did a quick look around before checking out Doubleday Field and some of the town shops (Joe Amalfitano was signing, and he looked creepy) and got lunch. Didn't feel like I got gouged. Then went to the big field were the ceremony is held and heard the speeches. Many left after that so I went back to the museum and did a leisurely stroll through the whole thing, by that time the new plaques were up and the gift shop (dad gave me a list) was less of a mob scene. By the time I had my fill it was sundown and I left in no traffic.
  7. ​Someone earlier in this thread noted the models.big was getting swelled, up around 775k, maybe due to an increase in updated faces/portraits/audios. I have to concur. '15 ran fine for me until I tried installing some of Rising Son's portrait sets and some missing audios (also getting odd results when running a fresh install of TiT, more on that in a new thread). I did a fresh install and will try a couple of things tomorrow, constantly backing up my .big files. Question: does models.big get updated each time you install each one I've tried (face, portrait, audio)?
  8. ​What he said. The 4GB did not work with what I've already done, so tonight I'll reinstall everything, only install Rising Son's faces for teams I'll playing against a lot and run the 4GB patch. Wish me luck.
  9. ​Will the 4 GB patch work for those of us installed directly in the C:\ drive instead of the Program Files X86 folder?
  10. 2 weeks ago I put '15 on. Uninstalled MVP, clean install, Patch #2, run the '15 explodeme and Patch #1, open the game, it all worked fine. Downloaded a few of Rising Son's new portraits, Started a 2015 season, got about 4 games in then set it aside. I have since downloaded the rest of the portraits and last night tried to play an exhibition game and the next game in the '15 season, they repeatedly crash 1/4 the way into the load meter. Restarting the machine had no effect. Reading more of this thread I realized I'd been playing '15 in 1024x800 or whatever, full resolution on my widescreen. Wonder if that's the trouble, but are there any other thoughts here from the dugout? Like Gordo, I install to C:\EA Sports\MVP Baseball 2005, a trick I learned playing MVP12 to get changes made with TiT to work.
  11. I just put on MVP 15 last night. Everything's great ... and this isn't a criticism but just a statement ... does anyone else get the old "EA Sports, it's in the game" and then Yankees/Red Sox animation like MVP 05 originally had? When it first loaded I got a cold chill the explodeme file didn't work right ... then I clicked past it and 15 fired up like it should. Was that done on purpose? If so you scared the hell outta me!
  12. Jaxen

    Site Upgrade

    I understand if the new format won't support it, but I hope the Shoutbox sticks around. Nobody at my office likes baseball and it offered an easy way to have a baseball conversation with like-minded people.
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