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  1. Yep, it works now! Thanks everyone for taking the time to consider this problem, even if you didn't contribute to the discussion itself. And thanks again Dennis . . . I credited you and posted your link within the MVP 12 file comments to anyone else that encounters this problem. I would have done the same within the support thread as well, but it seems that forum is locked. Again, thanks guys!
  2. Just a heads-up for anyone having problems with MVP 12: DennisJames71 may have found a solution that works for most crashes:
  3. Thanks Dennis! I'll give this a try first thing tomorrow morning.
  4. Yes and yes: from GTX 460 to GTX 760, with drivers up to date. Just to be thorough, though, could a video card change really be the cause when the stock game (MVP 05) still works fine with the new hardware? Thanks for your time and attention Gordo.
  5. Already checked . . . that thread has been dormant for awhile. (apologies if I'm wrong)
  6. Hi guys, been following MVP mods for quite some time . . . LOVE the work you guys do. I love the MVP 12 mod . . . I go back to it all the time. Unfortunately, it won't run anymore. A clean install of MVP 05 (legit copy, I promise you) will run just fine, but the MVP mod will no longer work. Here's what happens: ANY game I attempt to play will crash before the loading screen reaches 100%. I have menus, I can run sims, but I can't actually PLAY any game. If nobody has time or knowledge to help me out, I totally understand that I'm just asking for a free favor. At the same time, if s
  7. Gentlemen, I thank you all very much for your help. Daemon tools lite worked perfectly, and I no longer need the physical CD in my computer to play the game . . . what a load off of my mind! For future reference, Daemon tools works for this project, but not MagicDisc. Again, thanks ya'll!
  8. Hey fellas, I have owned and played a legitimate copy of MVP 2005 since it first came out. I have had at least one major worry about my game: what if the CD gets scratched or damaged beyond use? I would prefer to make a copy of the game from which I can run the program and therefore avoid the risk of damaging the original. I have tried to create an ISO of the game to no avail . . . the virtual copy is not sufficient to run the game. So here is my question: has anyone had any luck getting away from the original CD? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  9. Cano and Scutaro = Wonderful!! Scutaro especially is long overdue. ~Chris
  10. horray! Homer's back on board too! ~Chris
  11. Well BaltColts, there is always Virtual PC. The program is free, and I personally never figured out how to set it up (I solved my problem through different routes), but it basically simulates an enterely different system within your current OS. Worth a try? ~Chris
  12. Wow. I am absolutely stunned . . . at first glance, I seriously thought that was a photo, not a cyberface, of Posey. Wow wow wow. ~Chris
  13. Actually, running something in XP mode is merely designed to rectify any inter-compatibility issues that there may be with the game. It usually doesn't work, but its worth a try. Graphics shouldn't have anything to do with it. As for your problem, it sounds to me like you may have the problem of limited access. Have you tried running the game "as administrator"? Right click on the '05 shortcut, go to properties, and for permissions, click "change for all users." This will give you the option to select and apply the "always run as administrator" route. Note that if you did this correctly, a
  14. I don't want to get too far from the original point of this thread, but I'm arranging rosters off of HiHeat's roster, and pasting them onto a blank slate. My playtest rosters have ar_key's TL32 rosters for all the teams my team of modders has not yet edited, but when we finish, there will be no "base" roster but only pasted teams onto a blank slate, hopefully with no errors. The main thing is to build off of the fabulous job the HiHeat and ar_key have done in updating their cyberfaces and portraits up to this point. I won't lie: most of the work my team of modders is doing is simply bringing a
  15. Clean install? What mods (if any)? And have you tried running it in XP mode? I had to permanently tell my compy to run MVP "as administrator" so that it would have the access it needs to files . . . for some reason Win7 sometimes interrupts file access for MVP. ~Chris
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