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  1. Since no one else is doing rosters I guess I could help. However, do you have an aim? If so, I can pm you mine and we can discuss it. I probably already know how to do the roster stuff, but I would just like it if you maybe told me how you would like me to do it (on aim). I am sometimes busy, but I could do this in my spare time.
  2. I could *maybe* help with the rosters. It is just repetitive, right? Like, can you tell me the process of creating one player? Would I go to a team's website, find statistics for that player, then put it for that player on MVPEdit?
  3. Also, how would we condense it to 25 players (the limit)? And I was thinking that dylan's calculators would be good as well.
  4. What are you going to do with the rosters? Like, is there some website that shows the rosters of these teams? Also, for the batting ratings, would you use some kind of batting calculator?
  5. Hmmm... Does the site automatically tell you when your limit is up, or are you supposed to not download more than 2 files? I downloaded 3 files just to see if the site tells you that the limit is up, and it did not. Oh, and I did not donate yet
  6. Argh, I am so late... Anyway, you are right about this. Everything on my 360 controller works in MVP EXCEPT for vibrating! Anyone know why, or how to fix it?
  7. Even though both stadiums each say dusk, I don't really care much about the name (it would be ok though)... Anyway, I downloaded the Turner stadium, which worked for the daytime. I also downloaded Fenway Park, but was not in the daytime (dusk instead)
  8. I downloaded both, and turner field has day and night (even though it only says dusk for day). However, Fenway Park still has dusk and night when I downloaded the link you gave me.
  9. Can I have TURNER FIELD AND FENWAY PARK IN THE DAY (and night)? That is updated to at least 2007?
  10. THANK YOU! Why couldn't anyone say this before? I just copied and pasted someone's code, put it in my config, edited it, and I was done. (When I put it in my config, I left those 6 lines out).
  11. does anyone know where the xbcd setup download is for 32 bit? I went on that website and it has a broken link.
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