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  1. If I can find them in the mess that is my hard drive, I will hook you up.
  2. For those of you that remember from about 2 years ago, this is almost EXACTLY what I was working on. I have not been around in probably about a year, so a lot of you probably don't know me, but I had a thread about this.I based my roster off of the same roster you did, and I also had it in more of a fan favorite type of system, with players playing on multiple teams. I had permission from all of the classic uniform guys of the past, roster makers, total classic team, and all of their mods. I had it probably 80% finished, but got burnt out on it, and moved to The Show on PS3 instead. I had/
  3. Kinda surprised I never posted in here. - Wrigley (only once, and that is kinda surprising since I am a Cub fan, and live fairly close to Chicago) - Old Comiskey (I have seen at least 3 games there in my really young days) - New Comiskey (I know, it isn't called that anymore, but it was when I went back the year it opened) - Riverfont stadium (I have seen a TON of games there. All Cubs-Reds games, and one full series pretty much every year from 1991 through the year they tore it down) - Cinergy Field (I know it is the same as Riverfront, but I added it because they had chan
  4. Been so long since I visited the site (or cared much about what was happening in baseball) that I almost forgot my login info. lol I actually heard a couple of different times (on TV, so I really have no link) that Francona was quoted as saying the Cubs were his dream job, but that Epstein (or whoever) had not contacted him. I think him "bowing out" was the Cubs way of telling him they didn't want him, and letting him make a statement like that to save face.
  5. Like redeck, I never saw them. I usually just go to the index, and see the recent posts, and like he said, they must have gotten pushed down the way. Anyway, I didn't like the bin Laden celebrations. To me, it was to reminiscent of how all of them were dancing in the streets when the twin towers fell. Granted, they were shooting guns and burning our flag, but celebrating deaths by dancing and chanting in the streets just seems horrible to me. I didn't like when I saw the video of all of them doing it back then, and I am pretty sure they didn't like seeing us do it now.
  6. Yeah, I wasn't accusing you of anything devious, just telling you my opinion. More or less, just giving you, or anyone else advice for if you run into this issue again.
  7. Well, I can in no way approve or disapprove of you creating a new account, but I can tell you both my opinion, and a suggestion or two. First, the suggestions. If it was simply forgetting your password, you could set up your computer to remember your password, or log you in on each visit. This isn't a top secret site, and I doubt there is anything here that would cause you any issue from someone else using your PC later, and having access (unless of course, you are only logging in on public PCs). Another is, there is a password reset/retrieval function (or I assume there is, as I have n
  8. My 8 year old likes to say she likes baseball, and wants to play... But, all she really wants to do is bother me while I am watching a game, so I don't watch it (which is fine, cause we don't get to spend enough time together). And when we go out, she just like to goof around with daddy more than she actually likes to play.
  9. Awesome. I wish I had a baseball fan around here, even if it was an 8 year old girl...
  10. Both McGwire and Sosa. I doubt either make the HOF, but neither one really got caught up in all the drama. Sosa 'couldn't speak English', and McGwire didn't want to talk about the past. I guess we will see what the future holds.
  11. I just found this little blurb online: EDIT: And this: Interesting article
  12. Some one showed me a story once. They typed it up themselves, so there was no link. I have no idea if it was intended to just make a point, or if it were a true story that I had never heard anywhere before... Either way, I always thought it was interesting... I wish I remember where this was posted so I could put it word for word: The story basically is this. Babe Ruth's personal physician had from other doctors that there was a "fluid" that could be injected into a player that would make him bigger, stronger, and faster than anyone that was not taking it... The fluid was from a goat's t
  13. Nice. I am sure this is amazing. The time it took to finish this.. Wow.. Major kudos to you for sticking it out. Unlike some people I know who start mods and don't finish them (pointing my finger at myself, lol) Great job.
  14. Glad to hear your vacation was not the least bit ruined by the stuff going on (earthquake, tsunami). Also, glad to hear you got to enjoy all the views. I am referring to the island, as well as the woman. I like zoo's, but only if you have kids young enough to be excited by it, but old enough to walk on their own, and not get tired and whiny.
  15. Y4L, if you happen to see this before you head out, be safe, and have a TON of fun. Not that you need to me to tell you that with where you are going lol.
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