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  1. crud


    The Rays one was good, but are there any other ones.Thanks alot! :D
  2. crud


    Is there a Rays wallpaper somewhere in this thread?If not can somebody please make one!Thanks a ton guys! :D
  3. crud


    Can somebody please make a Evan Longoria sig? That would be great! :D
  4. crud


    Is anyone up for an Angels sig for me? That would be great! :D
  5. Yeah, i agree! You guys have been the greatest at modding MVP and 2K9.I encourage you all to help out Mr Trues and all of the other great modders. We're on the verge of losing this amazing site! :cray:
  6. I figured they would be but with some help from other modders, maybe it could be done. :unknw:
  7. If anyone could teach me how to mod stadiums, then I would be glad to help with either New Yankee Stadium, New Kauffman Stadium, Target Field, or Citi Field. ^_^
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