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  1. Hola/Hi wuilmer26f Brother gracias por tu respuesta , mi consulta es como puedo instalar el mod que indiqué mas arriba, no lo he logrado. Hi bro, thanks for your answer, my doubt is more related in how to install the mod, I don't find a way. Thanks/Gracias
  2. Hi guys. I'm trying to update the crowd in MVP08 but I can't do it, if it is with FifaFS that application just don't work in my PC. I extract the files to my folder MVP08 where the game is installed. Any other option that you think can work? Thanks
  3. Hi Ballfour, when you play at Citi Field are you having the same "wrong" camera views as me? If you have Biggui you can export those files from the datafile.big Thanks.
  4. Hi Guys, maybe you can help me to solve this situation. 1) Citi Field stadium, the camera views between innings and in some replays are not correct. 2) Nats Stadium, it happen less, mostly with 1 or 2 cameras between innings I Know that both stadiums were created, but maybe some of you have the camera files that correct the "error" Thanks and Pura Vida Mets and Nats Cameras.docx
  5. Fiebre

    Audio Question

    Hi BallFour, it works so thanks a lot. With your explanation now I understand my "mistake", that audio was created by Luti with Pete Alonso 4945 audio number, then Omarito assigned the oficial 0746 audio number. So i took the 4945 dats and hdrs files and I only changed the file names, but I didn't notice that I had to change it also in the HDR files with the FSHED application. So that's the answer of why the "51 13" number appears which is the hex code for 4945. Again thanks a lot. Have a great weekend.
  6. Fiebre

    Audio Question

    Hi guys, I'm trying to update some audios but it's not working for me with some players, in this case with Pete Alonso, so maybe you can help me. So my doubts: To add the audio I only need that: 1) The player has an photo/audio ID which I can review in the attrib.dat specifically in the 16 number. In this case Pete Alonso is 746? 0fff0e658,0 Pete,1 Alonso,2 20,3 0,4 0,5 2,6 9,7 29,8 121,9 28,10 697,11 0,12 3,13 5,14 1,15 1,16 746,17 1,18 8,19 0,20 0,21 7,22 72,23 7,24 5,25 11,26 9,27 13,28 0,29 0,30 3,31 1,32 4,33 0,34 0,35 1,36 0,37 6,38 2,39 4,40 0,41 5,42 0,43 0,44 0,45 17143 2) Then I need to update the hdr files to data/audio/spch_pbp/pnamehdr.big 3) And finally I need to update the dat files to data/audio/cd/spch_pbp/pnamedat.big Thanks 0746a.hdr 0746c.hdr 0746d.hdr 0746a.dat 0746c.dat 0746d.dat
  7. @Gordo Hi, I'm looking for the Brandon Woodruff portrait but i can't find it, do you have it?. I t was a one to complete early in this list, then disappeared but I have no success locating it. Thanks
  8. Vote for the teams you think are going to advance!
  9. Bro son excelentes noticias! Tus aportes son extraordinarios y en MVP no quedó casi nadie haciendo faces. Bro great news! Your work is extraordinary and there is almost no one creating faces for MVP.
  10. Thanks for your help @Yankee4Life it's great that you have a Backup of so many files.
  11. Hi, I'm trying to convert an Xvid.avi video to an VP6 file to use it as my intro video to the game. But I just can't do it, I tried everything, my problem is that Virtual Dub (tried with different versions) doesn't open the file, I installed AC3filter, X264vfw64 among others and I can't do it. If someone please could convert it to me I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks mvpintro_xvid.avi
  12. Hi, this link seems to be broken, if anyone could repair it would be great.
  13. Hi, If I modify a roster directly in the game (with no external tools) and I saved it for example as Roster 2019 could I: a) edit some players attributes if I already started a season? b) change the cyberface number? Thanks
  14. Hi, just creating this topic for suggestions of audio for players. Thanks Audio Suggestions: Paul de Jong Cardinals
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