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  1. I have decided to yank the project from YT and of course my computer as its flickering too much and a lot of people probably have compalined about it but didnt say anything
  2. I appreciate ur honesty, there are stats people who actually look at other peoples stuff and do stuff based on it, it was just a suggestion mate
  3. OK guys I have finally completed my tourney, couple of things though 1. Bandicam didnt give me a clear video like smoothness so there may be flickering 2. WIth me not having the Bandicam full version, the watermark is there BUT i cropped the video cause it naturally wasnt full screen coverage 3. With my first video, I laid out the ground rules and all that, Ill give u the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrjwCrFgf9E&feature=youtu.be 4. SPREAD THE WORD 5. If anyone wants to, can they keep track of each player's stats in tourney.... make sure you pause the videos at the box score showin
  4. I can always do the links here and also find a place to do a thread on it as well... unless its against the rules
  5. Hi all, I have been working on some stuff with MVP 2005 for PC and decided to do MY version of a classic tourney What i did was have all 30 teams play against each other in matchups that were determined based on a franchise having a classic park face one that didnt have one Round 1 and 2 was best of 3.... Round 1 had a classic stadium host the 3rd (tiebreaker) game, Round 2 had classic parks host Game 1 of the series with 2 and 3 in other parks. Round 1 had 15 winners but because there were 8 AL and 7 NL winners i went to run differential of the NL teams that lost in Game 3 and had the best on
  6. ​No can do..... i right clicked on the exe file, nowhere did it say run as admin I have Windows 7 if thats the problem...... dont know any1 else who has Windows 7 and has MVP Baseball on PC
  7. ​How do i set myself up to do it.... I have a feeling i would mess it up somehow.
  8. ​I have problems.... I try to extract it and it says "Cannot create C:Program Files/EA Sports/MVP Baseball 2005/mvppatch2.exe Adminitsrative privelges might be required" Is it Windows 7 or did i make another mistake?
  9. ​I apologize, what do u mean top level folder is that EA Sports? MVP Baseball 2005? Something else?
  10. ​1) Got the file with the patches, found Patch 2, tried to do the application from the zip folder but it says "old file not found, however a file of the same name was found, not updated" Was I supposed to extract the .exe somehwere like my default MVP folder??? 2) I undersatnd the installer instructions (BUT probably cannot do it until Patch2 is installed, or if I did it already somehow) 3) That 2 consecutive posts was not deliberate, because 1) I just wanted an answer to my problem as I wasnt sure what to do and 2) I am impatient at times cause I wanted to fix this problem get it over with AN
  11. Yankee, Jim or anyone else, can you answer my previous question? I downloaded all 5 patches but dont know where to install them to
  12. ​Just saw the zip file u did with all 5 patches, do i just copy and paste the patches to the original and "clean" folders only?
  13. ​so from the Zip folder of Total Classics 10 i downloaded, i have to extract the .exe to C:/MVP MODS/TC10 and run installer??? that path is where i put the Total Classics 10 "clean" version or am i missing something?
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