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  1. I have decided to yank the project from YT and of course my computer as its flickering too much and a lot of people probably have compalined about it but didnt say anything
  2. I appreciate ur honesty, there are stats people who actually look at other peoples stuff and do stuff based on it, it was just a suggestion mate
  3. OK guys I have finally completed my tourney, couple of things though 1. Bandicam didnt give me a clear video like smoothness so there may be flickering 2. WIth me not having the Bandicam full version, the watermark is there BUT i cropped the video cause it naturally wasnt full screen coverage 3. With my first video, I laid out the ground rules and all that, Ill give u the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrjwCrFgf9E&feature=youtu.be 4. SPREAD THE WORD 5. If anyone wants to, can they keep track of each player's stats in tourney.... make sure you pause the videos at the box score showing and take down the stats
  4. I can always do the links here and also find a place to do a thread on it as well... unless its against the rules
  5. Hi all, I have been working on some stuff with MVP 2005 for PC and decided to do MY version of a classic tourney What i did was have all 30 teams play against each other in matchups that were determined based on a franchise having a classic park face one that didnt have one Round 1 and 2 was best of 3.... Round 1 had a classic stadium host the 3rd (tiebreaker) game, Round 2 had classic parks host Game 1 of the series with 2 and 3 in other parks. Round 1 had 15 winners but because there were 8 AL and 7 NL winners i went to run differential of the NL teams that lost in Game 3 and had the best one go to NL quarters. AL/NL semis are best of 5 and the Fianl Four and Final as best of 7 HERES THE IMPORTANT PART!!!!!!! I decided to record the games on Bandicam but.... IS IT TABOO TO PUT THE FOOTAGE ON YOUTUBE???? I know i have to probably thank all the people whose stadiums i used (I did download some stadiums trying to replace the current ones in MVP 2005 including the classic ones). Bear in mind, i did keep a clean copy of the stadiums to replace the failed parks if need be. Advice will be taken seriously
  6. ​No can do..... i right clicked on the exe file, nowhere did it say run as admin I have Windows 7 if thats the problem...... dont know any1 else who has Windows 7 and has MVP Baseball on PC
  7. ​How do i set myself up to do it.... I have a feeling i would mess it up somehow.
  8. ​I have problems.... I try to extract it and it says "Cannot create C:Program Files/EA Sports/MVP Baseball 2005/mvppatch2.exe Adminitsrative privelges might be required" Is it Windows 7 or did i make another mistake?
  9. ​I apologize, what do u mean top level folder is that EA Sports? MVP Baseball 2005? Something else?
  10. ​1) Got the file with the patches, found Patch 2, tried to do the application from the zip folder but it says "old file not found, however a file of the same name was found, not updated" Was I supposed to extract the .exe somehwere like my default MVP folder??? 2) I undersatnd the installer instructions (BUT probably cannot do it until Patch2 is installed, or if I did it already somehow) 3) That 2 consecutive posts was not deliberate, because 1) I just wanted an answer to my problem as I wasnt sure what to do and 2) I am impatient at times cause I wanted to fix this problem get it over with AND then I can go from here and do every other mod possible. I do realize that the site was down thus why there was a delayed answer Hopefully point 3 doesnt prevent me from receiving the proper answers
  11. Yankee, Jim or anyone else, can you answer my previous question? I downloaded all 5 patches but dont know where to install them to
  12. ​Just saw the zip file u did with all 5 patches, do i just copy and paste the patches to the original and "clean" folders only?
  13. ​so from the Zip folder of Total Classics 10 i downloaded, i have to extract the .exe to C:/MVP MODS/TC10 and run installer??? that path is where i put the Total Classics 10 "clean" version or am i missing something?
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