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  1. Before I use this, what happens with the imported teams? Are they added to the game the way it does when you create new teams, or do they replace the existing teams? Also, do we have to create a new league before importing teams?
  2. This is a really cool concept and I like the fact that the fictional players are true to the spirit of this game. However, I echo the feelings of the previous poster, there are a few countries where baseball is relatively popular that are not included in this. Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), Venezuela, or Nicaragua are a few examples. Those teams could replace countries where baseball isn't as popular, such as Hungary, Sweden or Switzerland. There are also territories like Aruba or Curacao that have produced a few major league players, in spite of having a very small population. Then again, I'm
  3. What are some of the most improbable performances you've seen from a player in a baseball video game? Could be any game and it could be either a grossly underachieving player or an unexpectedly overachieveing one. For instance: I just completed a season (short, 52 games) in MLB2K12 (MLB2K15 mod) with the Padres and Craig Kimbrel couldn't get a batter out to save his life. He was so bad I could only get him into 12 games and he gave up 13 runs (10 earned) in 11 innings including something like 5 home runs. His WHIP was a tad over 2.00. He finished the year 0-4 with an 8.18 ERA,
  4. I've seen a couple of reprints at a card shop being sold for $5.
  5. I remember playing NHL04Rebuilt about 2 or 3 years ago and I just couldn't stand the players' stupidity, so much so that I ran back to NHL09. The puck would be right in front of my defenseman and he would just stand there and look at it until an opposing team's player skated all the way back from his own end to grab it and take a shot on my goalie. This happened practically every game...which is too bad because the other aspects of this game make it worth playing.
  6. Also make sure that the date you set is a day when there were games on the schedule for the 2012 MLB season. I believe days when no games were played (e.g. the All-Star break) would make the game crash as well. And, of course, the year has to be 2012.
  7. Not sure if I'm even allowed to complain given the quality of the work here but I'll do it anyway lol I see that the jersey numbers have been corrected in the last update but not the defensive positions and ratings, which causes certain players to play mostly their secondary positions in the game. Anyhow, here are 4 more corrections: Oakland Athletics: Mark Canha is a 1B/LF, not a RF Atlanta Braves: Matt Marksberry is #66 Milwaukee Brewers: Jason Rogers is mostly a 1B St. Louis Cardinals: Trevor Rosenthal is from the USA, not the Dominican Republic lol
  8. Have the new roster and portrait files been uploaded with the rest of the 2K15 files? I'm asking 'cause when I click Download, the files I see look like the same files as the original ones and there's no mention of any of them being updated recently or having different version numbers, etc.
  9. A couple more: Buffalo Bisons (Tor AAA): Darwin Barney is #18, Matt Hague is #23, Scott Copeland is #28 New Hampshire Fisher Cats (Tor AA): Andrew Albers is #67
  10. Sweet. Now this is what I've noticed so far...I should have more stuff to add as I play more games. Arkansas Travelers (Angels AA affiliate): Cal Towey's portrait in the game is Dusty Baker's lol. The number I see here is 8006 but I'm not sure if the error is with the portrait itself or the portrait number. Toronto Blue Jays: Ben Revere is #7, not #3, and he's been playing exclusively in LF since he came over to the Jays Ezequiel Carrera is #3, not #4 Chris Colabello should be listed as a 1B. He played about 50/50 at first and the outfield (mostly LF) this year but in the playoffs he only
  11. Hey guys, as I posed in the comments section of the download page, I was just wondering where I can post corrections for the roster? I've noticed a few mistakes (wrong positions, numbers, portrait ID, etc.) but I'm not sure where to post them.
  12. Just played a game and everything looks amazing. Just a quick question though: Where can I post a list of corrections if I have spotted errors in the roster? (i.e. portraits, wrong numbers, positions, attributes out of line with actual skills, etc.) For example: Cal Towey (Arkansas Travelers, LA Angels AA affiliate) has Dusty Baker's portrait lol.
  13. Also: Hou: Colby Rasmus and Preston Tucker are both LF (Rasmus has played all 3 OF positions this year but he's played more LF - 32 of his 47 appearances have been in left, since Jake Marisnick plays CF most of the time)
  14. There's not too many corrections to be made, most of the stuff is spot on. It's mostly a few jersey numbers and what not...but those matter to me Donnie Veal (Atl) and David Goforth (Mil) are both #32. NH (Tor): Ramon Santiago is #9, Chris Dickerson is #33 and Daric Barton is #37 (if you go by numbers worn in training camp)
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