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  1. I've got MVPEdit set to the data folder and the 2017 portraits show up in MVP edit, but when I play the game, older portraits show up (2012 Mod pics maybe?). Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm having issues with the game crashing and I think it's due to the portraits being off.
  2. I messed around with the files in MVP Edit and I think I resolved the crashing issue. The portraits in MVP Edit don't match what shows up in the game, but it is working, so I'm not going to complain.
  3. I think I've isolated my issue to cyberfaces. When I play an exhibition game with the Indians and I start Corey Kluber, the game starts fine. If Trevor Bauer is the starter, it crashes. I'm using the MVP 12 mod. Any tips for resolving cyberface issues?
  4. Anyone having issue where game opens, but crashes when you try to play an actual game? I've tried most of the Windows 10 troubleshooting, but still no luck. I already installed mods so maybe that is the problem, but they are all of the same mod files that I was using on my old XP computer and I didn't have crash issues.
  5. Are you sure it's out on PC on the 29th? The announcement only says "console versions" and I don't see it listed on the upcoming releases on Steam's website.
  6. Nice work guys! I'd be interested to hear if you guys see a big uptick in traffic or donations as a result.
  7. Anyone know of a way to use these with MLB 2k11? I don't care if portraits are correct. Just want something that is playable in exhibition games.
  8. Anyone know if/how to convert these to 2k11 rosters? I thought I saw an older roster that said it could be done, but I can't find it. Thanks.
  9. Outstanding! Thanks so much for getting these out.
  10. Any updates from anyone working on this? I appreciate all of the work you guys are doing, but curious if we're going see the mod anytime soon.
  11. That's all I can ask for. Thanks. I'll check in with you when ST starts and see if you've got a roster you can share. I'd be happy with something I can use in exhibition games.
  12. Sounds great Kyle. Any chance you could release a "beta" version of your roster for those of us who want to start playing with updated rosters during Spring Training?
  13. Not sure. You need to copy and paste over your existing files that match the ones in the attached file.
  14. Sorry, didn't have time to update numbers. This update was focused on getting guys on the right team.I appreciate the feedback and hope you enjoy them.
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