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  1. First previews of Jackie Robinson Ballpark in Daytona Beach, FL. Home of the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats, the MEAC Championship, and the Single-A Daytona Tortugas. Obviously have some tweaks to do as I notice the tops and bottoms of most ads are cut off. Yes, that is a second scoreboard to the left of the big scoreboard. The Tortugas put in a giant video board directly next to the old hand operated scoreboard, which has remained in place.

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_30_2019 12_25_11 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_30_2019 12_28_09 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_30_2019 12_31_27 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_30_2019 12_32_35 AM.png

  2. FYI. Using Red MC, you can take the "vista" data from one ballpark and overwrite it into another. This allows for some flexibility as I create a few new stadiums. Here's the SF Bay in what I will be modding to be Jackie Robinson Ballpark in Daytona. Anybody with experience moving objects around (like DaSteelers if you are reading this), please chime in.

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_29_2019 2_10_46 AM.png

  3. Experimenting with stadiums continues. I have zero knowledge of how to move things around so the handful of stadiums we have won't be 100% accurate, but they will be fairly decent representations.

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_27_2019 3_29_24 PM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_27_2019 3_29_59 PM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_27_2019 3_31_00 PM.png

  4. 11 hours ago, jack805td said:

    update... making progress randomizing player head shapes, appearances and equipment. Refining it so it should be a few more days....

    Do you still need a list of player head IDs?

  5. Excellent. Jack, here are the additional teams.


    Indiana State Sycamores

    Central Michigan Chippewas

    Hardin-Simmons Cowboys

    Youngstown State Penguins


    Also. Preview of South Carolina. 

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_17_2019 10_43_11 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_17_2019 10_45_44 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_17_2019 10_48_13 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_17_2019 10_51_05 AM.png

  6. 32 minutes ago, mcoll said:

    how did you get the neck collar to look like a v-neck. i've tried to it and cant get it right!

    I pieced it together from umachines' Mets throwback. I can send you my modified template if you want.

  7. 3 hours ago, mayoluck said:

    Lets see that wild hair cut , lol.


    Honestly id vote who has the coolest unis. Or who is the highest ranked out of them. Played McNeese State back 03/04 in college they be cool too. Hell ill prob edit the last team out and put in Hardin-Simmons University my old school, doubt anyone would play with them. Basiclly all of LSU unis with these logos instead


    👇 not me lol some random dude our hats where different when i was there.



    They use the football ult logo on the baseball alt unis too


    You know what, they are in. That gives us one more spot to fill.

  8. 3 hours ago, jack805td said:

    We can keep them at the same level. I'll adjust the excel file and update the scale.


    I'd like to see your logo file. See what I can do with it.



    Here you go. The 3 logo files are essentially copies of each other. There is room for 3 more teams in the mod, as 3 IDs are unaccounted for. I say we include Indiana State Sycamores as they are the only Top 25 not in the mod yet. Also there is a logo for Youngstown State Penguins (AbbrID: RIB). The 3 available IDs are ALG, CSR, and NLG). Assuming we add Indiana State, that gives us 2 more teams. Here is a list of suggestions, based on teams that were in the 2019 top 64 that aren't in the mod yet. I think there is a way to add a poll to get community input, gonna figure that out. 


    Central Michigan Chippewas

    Jacksonville State Gamecocks

    UNC-Wilmington Seahawks

    McNeese State Cowboys

    Illinois-Chicago Flames

    Quinnipiac Bobcats

    Mercer Bears

    Illinois State Redbirds

    Liberty Flames



  9. 19 minutes ago, mcoll said:

     itred doing something like this, but the only i can it working everything at the same level is exbition play. i started make one wher the first sixty majors and aaa wher the power conferances. that left one team in throws for aa ball, then did the rest schools from other d1 conferace schools. ever did finish it and would losethe file, but stll  have some of the art work.   

    the season is if tired put more into the same level it cahsed even in exbition. iff remeber what i tried to do, but that was sometime ago when i tried it.

    I'll take whatever artwork you still have. Every bit helps.

  10. I'd prefer to keep them all on the same level, in alphabetical order like the College version. Two other things. Would you like the logo file I've created? Also I'm still working on that list of generic face ids and skin tones and will post that shortly. 

  11. 2 hours ago, mayoluck said:

    Man thats my speciality, ive had to do this for a few projects at a shop i use to work at. Where we did artwork, decals, tshirts etc, then had to redraw some in Corel 11 if couldnt track it down. Stuff for juco's, HS and select leagues that used classic logos.

    Sent you a PM. Glad to have you onboard.

  12. 57 minutes ago, mcoll said:

    if you have template to make the base uniform and layers then convert them properly there not real hard to do.  the hard find part find images and logos for them.


    Yeah, there has been a lot of detective work behind the scenes for what I do have done. I've had to pull directly from photos, old media guides, even redraw a few things in illustrator. Not hard work, just time consuming.

  13. 25 minutes ago, mayoluck said:

    Ill def take them, this weekend im off friday to monday night so im going to learn my self how to make some unis. Sit down watch some vids and play with the tools. TBH i got a late start on my project and have no problem shelving it, its not something locked into a specific yr. Ill just play exhibition games till im done. Im way more intrested in working on the NCAA mod. It will help me knock out my Minors overhual (not many will want it but me prob, id rather play seasons of minor affiliates)  


    Next issue i just noticed we might have, B-C is predominant black school. How would we go about making the rosters randomly have that. Same with some of the schools that are traditionally latino, white or foreigners? It be nice to have some way of keep it authentic to these traditional schools. B-C, Jackson State, Grambling and Southern (not sure if u have all them schools) are all in this category. BTW ive always loved B-C n these are sick, same colors as my HS

    We'll just go in and tweak what generic faces are assigned there. Not something I'm worried about too much yet, the biggest bear is these uniforms.

  14. @mayoluck if you would like to, that would be great. Right now the thing I need the most of is creating the actual uniforms. Each team will have anywhere from 2-6 sets, depending on what they wear, usually home, away and a couple of alternates. Some teams like LSU have 8 different uniforms. I've got a working set of templates, specifically for Nike's jersey stitching and some of the common number fonts that are often repeated. Let me know if you want them. Here's a quick preview of Bethune-Cookman out of Daytona Beach, FL by the way. 

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_5_2019 10_06_48 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_5_2019 10_03_22 AM.png

  15. 23 minutes ago, mayoluck said:

    I have a question along the lines of this too, how did you get the logos swapped, RII or another mod tool, bc ive had now luck in RII? Im working on my minor league logo updates. My guess is im in the wrong mod tool🤔 sorry not trying to highjack i just thought banner logos and colors (your question) would be in the same tool and now im confused.



    Swapped the logos in the 3DM tool. Nothing else works. From what I understand after doing a little digging I'm going to need to change the colors in a hex editor.

  16. I like that idea. Quick question. Any idea on how to change the team colors? I noticed the logos were "colored" as well. (See yellow Duke logo). Also attached is the roster with the current assignments and AbbrID names. Going to create a list of generic faces and skin tones so we can randomize the players even more. Thoughts?



    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_2_2019 11_20_46 PM.png

    Roster6 College.ROS

  17. 16 minutes ago, jack805td said:

    I've expanded the roster with another 20 team slots above and beyond the default 2k amount of teams. They can be added and the file itself is crash free.


    Running into some issues with teams that are not set as all star or legend teams.

    The problems relate to what you set the team types to (if its MLB or not). Certain in-game functions will not work for the additional teams.

    I am trying to see if it would work if they are set to created teams, but that does not allow you to trade, release players,etc. like normal teams do.


    So far, I find if you just use the amount of 2K default teams everything works fine. You can add all star or legend teams too and they will function as the default ones do. The other college specific teams are the issue. Example, team types 4 (Class A) only show up in franchise mode,


    If you discovered anything and would like to share that let me know. Thx

    I'm setting them all to MLB. Awesome work again brother

    Now I noticed that outside of the first 30 IDs, playoff mode doesn't allow you to select other teams. I'll probably release a separate playoff mode file based on the actual college world series from 2019. I don't intend on trading or releasing or even attempting franchise mode...much like the MVP version of this mod it will largely be Play Now only.

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