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  1. So I can successfully open the cram32 in FshEd, but the reason I need it in NFSHtool is so I can add alphas. I don't have any idea how to add alphas via FshEd. No matter what program I use to extract it, it hangs up and freezes.

  2. So, I've been trying to edit Hadlock Field, but every time I attempt to unpack the cram32.fsh file, it freezes around 0016.bmp. Anyone have an idea on why or how to work around it?


  3. index.php?app=downloads&module=display&s

    File Name: 2014 All Star Jerseys

    File Submitter: bctrackboi11

    File Submitted: 19 Jul 2014

    File Category: Uniforms and Accessories

    Version: 1.0

    bctrackboi11's Seabag: 2014 MLB All Star Game

    Presenting uniforms from the 2014 All Star Game! Included are accurate and complete uniforms for both teams, numbers, and uniform select screens.


    -You will need kraw's Total Installer Thingy (TiT), which you can get right here on MVPMods.

    -The rest is self explanatory, just install the .RAR file named "Install Me with TiT"

    -As usual, remember to back up your files before installing!


    -Letters are not included in the font file.

    -The uniform slots I used are the "b" slots, which do not have the numbers on the front.

    -Caps are just plain blue and red.


    -You are free to use my work in your own mods, all I ask is that you give credit to me and MVPMods.com.


    -TheSpungo, for allowing me permission to use his templates.

  4. index.php?app=downloads&module=display&s

    File Name: ESPN Overlay 2014

    File Submitter: bctrackboi11

    File Submitted: 20 Jun 2014

    File Category: Overlays

    Version: 1.0

    bctrackboi11's Seabag: ESPN Overlay

    This is something I've never tried before and I decided to give it a shot. I tried my best to create and ESPN-style overlay for whatever mod you are playing. There are still some issues, such as font size/style, stretched logos, and inconsistent styles (batting order, defensive lineup, etc.) If you can get past those, it is a pretty nice overlay to play with. Eventually I plan on updating this, please give me any feedback on what I can do to make this better.


    -Copy the "frontend" and "igshapes" folder to your MVP2005>DATA folder. Overwrite any files.

    -As usual, remember to back up your files before installing!


    -The guys at MVPCaribe, for allowing me to use their WBC13 overlay as a base.

    -Trues, for this amazing site.

  5. One other question on this, when this is released (I can't wait, seriously, I check every day, multiple times), will the rosters be accurate as of the RELEASE date or OPENING DAY rosters? Personally, I'm partial to the latter (then with 1 update after the trade deadline), but will be stoked no matter what. Looking forward to this release, hope it's all going well, thanks!

    WIth MVP12 and 13, it was opening day rosters, with the injured players in the lower level minor league teams.

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