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  1. Love the Bo Jackson edit, new to the PC mod of this game, how/where do I install these files? If you can help I'd really appreciate it...

  2. KG, will you be putting the Rocket in a Yankees uniform this update?
  3. Worked like a charm. Thank you for all your help.
  4. THANK YOU! That's all I needed to know. If I have a cyberface, how do I find out what the last number that was taken so i can rename my cyberface +1 that number. I know 900+ are created faces.
  5. This is one of the better threads here, but my question is, will mvpedit work with the mvp07 mod? I ask because I keep getting a missing DAO.msi thing? Then when it finally shows up and i try to import a roster, I get an error 53? Has anyone had these problems, if so how did u fix it? Thanks.
  6. 292 downloads

    A young Jose Canseco. Enjoy.
  7. cocobee

    Michael Jordan


    MVP Edit info: Michael Jordan DOB-2/17/1963 Height: 78 Weight: 195 pds Slim Big Chest, Average Body Body Color:10 Ratings:your choice
  8. cocobee

    Bo Jackson


    Bo knows Baseball. MVP Edit info: Bo Jackson #16 DOB-11/30/1962 Height: 73 Weight: 225 pds average,athletic large chest Body Color:8 Ratings:your choice Enjoy.
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