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  1. It was in an odd spot. not with the rest of the rosters.
  2. Ritchie is correct. the MLB2k12 portrait installer is not the same as Total installer Thingy. You have to use TiT from the MLB2k Mod tools download.
  3. sounds like a different version than I am running. when I open TiT this is what pops up. click the 3 dots (file search option). The version i use is from the MLB2k Modding tools pack.
  4. When running TiT for the first time it will ask you where your mlb2k10 directory is. you select your mlb2k12 directory and hit ok. Now, click the 3 dots and navigate to where you downloaded the portraits. Drill down to a team and select the portraits.zip <--DO NOT UNZIP THESE FILES. TiT reads the portraits.zip file. You have to do each team individually. You will get a confirmation when its done. Should be a split second. Then, click the 3 dots again and select the next teams portrait.zip. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the teams. When installing the TiT it will get flagged
  5. Having no issues with the roster or portraits. Everything working great on mine. Thanks Headtrip!
  6. Which portraits and CF's list are you using for this roster?
  7. I like the looks of what you are doing here. I know this is a few months old. You might check out Wud's thread from a few years back. Had lots of good information there about fielder range, acceleration, and clutch ratings. All this put together could be something fantastic. If you are interested take a look.
  8. jbg4208


    Excellent work!! Thanks for all the hard work.
  9. Nice work! this is a keeper. Love the whiter whites
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