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    Installation Instructions: Please unpack into your MLB 2k11 directory. The file replaces the Mets AWAY RETRO uniform, (nym_cl2) Don't replace any other uniform with this file, because the colors (on the numbers and names) might not work correctly. What you get: Mets Home Alternate 3. Blue Jersey with Full Black piping, and Black Lettering/Numbers with White and Orange Outlines. Mets Sleeve Emblem. Home Blue Cap. White (home) pants with Blue Piping. Enjoy, and comment.
  2. Nice Job! Thanks! Keep in mind that the patch on up the sleeve on the home whites, more towards the shoulder. I don't know why they did that, but most players have it up by the shoulder.
  3. 304 downloads

    Included: Padres Digital Desert Camo Unis, new for 2011. 2k11 Didn't include these in the game. Padres wear these on Sunday home games? I tweaked the brown in the letters and logos just a bit from the authentic one to match the undershirt of the home throwback uniform I am replacing. Instructions: Unpack to your 2k11 Directory. Make sure to make backups first. Enjoy!
  4. 555 downloads

    I guess I am continuing to go up I95... Unpack these files into your MLB 2k11 Directory. MAKE SURE TO MAKE BACKUPS FIRST! What you get: Yankees Home Alternate: Navy Blue Jersey with white and blue sleeve piping, same as the Yankees road jersey. White Buttons, and a white "NY" logo on the left chest. White numbers, and no last names on the back. Worn with yankees home white pants with navy blue pinstripes. Yankees Road Alternate: Navy Blue Jersey with white and blue sleeve piping, same as the Yankees road jersey. White Buttons, and a navy blue with a white outline "New York"
  5. 609 downloads

    Well, since I did everything I could with every O's Jersey, I am moving up I95... Unpack the files into your MLB 2k11 Directory. MAKE SURE TO CREATE BACKUPS! I wanted to create a team color jersey for the Phillies to wear for home as well as road games. Phils only have one uniform for the road, and that is kind of boring if you ask me. Also I wasnted to fix that Cool Base mistake with the pinstriped jerseys. What you get: Phillies Alternate 2 Jersey Home: Phils Blue Jersey (per the color of the road batting practice jerseys up until this year) with white buttons and Cool Base
  6. 504 downloads

    Hey guys. Here is my follow-up to the first set of modded uniforms for the Orioles I posted a while back: Unpack all the files and put them into your 2k11 directory. MAKE BACKUPS FIRST! What you get: Sleeveless Home Alternate: Sleeveless jersey in home white with Cool Base under-arm inserts. Orange and black full piping on vest, and pants with Braves-style piping, down the seam and outlining the beltloops. Orange "O's" logo with a black outline on left chest. Names and Numbers on the back in Orange, outlined in black. I tweaked the opacity on the sleeves to make sure the uniform
  7. 546 downloads

    This is a pack of 3 NEW Orioles uniforms. These are all alternate, different color tops: 2 different home jerseys, and 1 road jersey. To install, just unpack the 3 IFF files and put them into your 2k11 directory. MAKE SURE TO MAKE BACKUPS FIRST! I darkened the original black used for the Alternate Orioles jersey because it looked more like a gray than a black. This just makes it look much sharper HOME ALTERNATE 1: This is a black jersey with orange and black sleeve piping and the "cool-base" under-arm inserts. Black script "Orioles" logo across the chest, black script "Baltimore"
  8. 43 downloads

    This is a variation of my other Orioles Road Alternate Sleeveless Jersey. The old Cartoon Bird looked a little odd, so I replaced it with a black/orange outline "B" from the road "Baltimore" script on the left chest. The rest of the uniform looks the similar. No names on the back, just black/orange outline numbers, and thick black piping. -Also, I improved the sleeveless jersey. Now it doesn't just look like full jersey with different colored sleeves like all the ones in game do. Replaced the texture on the sleeves so the fabric looks different, and actually looks like an undershirt. En
  9. 47 downloads

    This is an Orioles road gray alternate sleeveless jersey, to go along with the home jersey I uploaded earlier. Features a cartoon bird logo on the left chest and thick, all-black piping, (kind of like the late 90's Brewers uniforms) and an all-black cap (like the mid-90's orioles unis) Also features black numbers with an orange outline, and no names on the back for that retro look. Not actually worn by the O's but, of course, I think they should. NOTE: it replaces the road BP jersey, but if you want the all black helmets without the orange bill, change the file name to uniform_bao_bph so th
  10. Oh, and comment if you like, of course. Or if you want to see something else/some other versions
  11. 55 downloads

    This is an Orioles sleeveless home alternate, it replaces the home bp jersey. The Orioles "O" on the left chest, and Braves-style piping. No names on the back, just numbers, for that retro look. It's made up, they don't actually wear these, but honestly, I think they should. NOTE: if you want the orange bill on the helmets, change the file name to uniform_bao_bpa so it replaces the road bp jersey. Home helmets are all black, for some reason.
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