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  1. Is there a place to find a bunch of 07 preview pics or do I have to dig them up individually?
  2. ouch, ouch, ouch(your avartar kick ***) :wtg:
  3. Lol, why did he do that :hic:
  4. why did you blur the Athletics on Zito's Jersey?
  5. d'oh, was guessing between the two.
  6. who's the one in the left? Nice place to put "Brooklyn" to cover up the team. Garland? And thanks for telling what the heck that Wang guy's name is in Chinese :wtg:
  7. Niiiiiiiice. But I still like mine. (talking to fastflink) :wink:
  8. It is, I once created a Black player with the default 1 skin tone. And you know the result(Michael Jackson arm and Barry Bond face :eew: )
  9. Need to point out that skin tone need to match with the face(you don't want a black man with a white body, right? ) From what I know: Skin Tone Matching Generic face 1---------------1,2,3 2----------------4,5 3----------------6 4-----------------7 5----------------8,9 6----------------10 7----------------11 8-----------------12 9-----------------13,14 10----------------15
  10. 418 downloads

    Did everything visual. Didn't do anything audio
  11. 133 downloads

    Beta Version 0.5 Done: Changed logos and default stadium to Olympic Stadium. Not yet Done: Uniforms, Audio and team name.
  12. Is it okay to ask for avartar here, I searched and can't find a avartar thread. :(
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