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  1. Released both players, you can download them on the site
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Gary Sanchez by R4zoR. Credits to bostonnico for the base headshape and texture.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Ichiro Suzuki Face Update By R4zoR
  4. Thank you so much man! Hey, nah for now i have no intentions on making a tutorial, i just wanna do the stuff i can do in the limited time i have.
  5. Gary Sanchez Preview Credits to Bostonnico, i used his Sanchez as a base, i edited the headshape and the texture, but i wanted to have something i could base it on. I pm'd him for permission to use it, so if he accepts i can release this, but for now just a preview.
  6. Oh okay, sure thing, i'll have to think about it.
  7. Thanks man, hope i'll do well! Thank you for your reply! Thank you for checking out the work! Yea, it was weird to me, that i couldn't get my account name registered, so i checked my email archives and saw that i had an account in here already, but hey, have to start somewhere haha. Also what would you guys prefer me doing, releasing these players one by one or just do them in packs, i need to get new rosters/current teams, to update these guys properly, i'm running with default one's(rosters) for now.
  8. Hello there baseball fans, R4zoR here, coming from the basketball forums, got introduced to the game by BShadows, was just searching for some new/fresh stuff to start on. I picked the most random player i could mod and i picked Ichiro Suzuki. Gonna release him later on.
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