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  1. I just wanted to let you know I have an accurate and complete NCAA 07 roster on the PS2. I spent a long time a few years back going through each NCAA team that the game included and rearranging the rosters to be accurate. It has as accurate of heights as I could get since the game doesn't allow you to edit heights and weights. I also updated the skin tone on every player and their faces and features, including stance and delivery. I went through and used Dylan Bradberrys rating calculator to fine tune each players ratings. The formula I used was to give every batting attribute a MLB equivalent
  2. How should I go about getting a season together for the 2008 season? Is there anything in particular file-wise I should look for? And what would you recommend for a controller? I am totally new to this game on PC, so pardon my ignorance
  3. So, I have played the game on the PS2 up until last October, finishing up the 2007 season. I went through all the rosters and updated the players, added real ones, and made the rosters accurate for all 4 divisions of pro ball. It was a ball buster and I have to give a million thanks to Dylan Bradburry and his ratings calculator, without those the endeavor would be in vain. Anyways, I have been playing a semi-continuous league since the 2004 season. I just finished up the 2007 season. First off, I am going to build a computer from scratch to run this game. What are some quality hardware t
  4. Great tool, re-edited every pitcher majors and minors in MVP05 on ps2 for a classic '07 season. Played the Twins and the games were real realistic with the ratings compiled using this calculator. Now I'm working a classic '07 college roster the same way for MVP07. Great Work and much thanks!
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