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  1. Hello folks....

    I finally was able to locate the player editor and start to edit the roster. I soon realized the roster I found was for the 2003 season. At this rate it will take me forever to get the roster up to par for all 30 MLB teams for the 2011 season.

    Here is my question. Do any of you know if it is possible to take 2k11 roster data and convert it to an .att file so that I can use that as the updated roster for Triple Play. I have 2k11. I simply don't like it.

    If that can't be done, does anybody know how or where to get the latest and greatest roster for Triple Play.

    If that can't be done, does anybody know how to do it. If you do maybe we could chat about it and I could even pay you for your time and work!


  2. From wikipedia:

    "Triple Play was a series of computer and video games based on Major League Baseball, published by EA Sports until their replacement by the MVP Baseball in 2003.".

    Thank you very much!

    Now how about the mods and utilities for that game? I still have it and would like to update all my rosters for that game! Any mods out there for that?

    And will MVPedit work for that game?

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