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  1. Without any crack or update the game worked fine a year ago but ya I figured your post was coming. Way to expensive to buy though. Anywhere to buy a digital copy online?
  2. No I downloaded it. I have used this copy before with the no cd crack that came with it before. Maybe about a year ago. But now no luck. When I start it, my resolution changes, sometimes I see the first loading screen for maybe half a second at the most, then it crashes.
  3. Well myself im using win 7 64bit , 8gigs 1600mhz ram, gtx 770 and I am using a downloaded version of the game with a no cd crack. This version has worked before but just trying to install it and run about a week ago its doesn't want to start. When I start it like the OP my resolution changes, sometimes I get the initial loading screen for half a second then crashes.
  4. Yes, this is the problem I posted about the other day. Im clueless.
  5. Yeah i have tried that also. I have also tried lowering my res and going back to 60hz in hopes it would make a dif no luck.
  6. Im also having an issue with a fresh copy of mvp 2005 No mods or anything. When I double clock the icon, screen goes black then get an error saying program stopped running. I am running Win7 x64. I remember this working on win7 a year ago. I tried compatibility settings using winxp sp2. Sometimes before it crashes I the splash screen for literately half a second.
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