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  1. Hello Bro. Please tell me where in appearances to find ID numbers for umpires? I'd like to see how Joe West I just finished looks like in the game?
  2. Thanks a lot .... Joe West will be next ...
  3. Ok, but it's hard to find quality pictures of these umpires. KC, I don't have cyberfaces ID number for Snitker ... As far as I've seen, it's not in the Excel table ...
  4. jed tu tienes la cara de francisco lindor por favor la necesito

  5. So let's go. Brian Snitker(ATL) with a mustache. Unfortunately, I don't have a better picture of him, but for one manager it's quite ok ... Ok, Brooo
  6. Ok. I will dedicate myself to working on cyberfaces managers. It would be good for someone to write me which managers do not have cyberfaces ... The list is in the picture below .... Thanks ...
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