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  1. Mike Moustakas.....Cyberfaces No 14.............
  2. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to quality pictures on the MLB pressbox ...... If anyone has a quality picture of Mike Moustakas, please send me....
  3. Can you even make a .iff file?
  4. jed te quiero pedir un favor asme la cara de oscar taveras de san louis cardinals 

  5. Thank you for your concern. I'm fine, I just do not have so much free time .... This is the update from Machado .... I hope you like it?
  6. jed que te a pasado

  7. jed que pasa que no veo que astas subiendo mas caras


  8. Jed

    Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    Nice....God job my friend.....
  9. Jed

    2019 Miami Marlins Complete Set

    Thanks a lot....
  10. Cyberface No 13......Gurriel.......
  11. jed se te fue tu manny machado para sandiego k pena jaja

  12. I have this picture. Does he now have a beard? Like on the picture.
  13. jed edwin diaz que fue el mejor serrador de la mlb 2018