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    Thanks a lot my friend.... Little suggestion. Give Verdugo face ID No 0271 and change the color of his eyes in blue. Give Brandon Lowe face ID No 6751 and change the color of his eyes in green...I'll be Update their cyberfaces soon.
  1. Better? The final version of Lowe................
  2. Jed

    May 2019- 8-Cyberfaces

    Search on downloads section... MLB2K12 roster editor....
  3. Jed

    May 2019- 8-Cyberfaces

    The problem is that you use a roster in which ID numbers are different from the ID numbers of my iff files ... Unfortunately we still do not have a common list with ID numbers ...
  4. Unfortunately I did not have a better picture. Brandon Lowe....
  5. May 2019 8-Cyberfaces.........
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Alonso Pete ID 0160 Bruce Jay ID 6381 Jimenez Eloy ID 0074 Judge Aaron ID 9578 Ozuna Marcell ID 2933 Renteria Rick-beard ID 9000 Rosario Eddie ID 6208 Santana Domingo ID 0335
  7. Some corrections.... Jay Bruce... The final version...
  8. You're a little out of line. I told you if you have to post some .iff files publish it. If you do not, do not even post it. Make your own project and set it up on this topic. It's not okay to put pictures of projects that you did not do. After all, make your own topic and publish what you want ... Do not be misused by my trust ... Try to be innovative and to do something useful for this site. If you want that?
  9. The final of Alonso Pete......
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