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  1. May 2019- 8-Cyberfaces

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    13 hours ago, saldibzz said:

    I used other IFF files some worked for some players and others did not. Do you know why that is happening? For example, Didi Gleyber Andujar cyberfaces did not update but Stanton Judge and Sanchez's did.

    The problem is that you use a roster in which ID numbers are different from the ID numbers of my iff files ...

    Unfortunately we still do not have a common list with ID numbers ...

  2. 2 hours ago, Karelaf said:

    These faces are hard, I do not understand how there are people who criticize without having a job that competes with yours, I already resolved the download, apparently I downloaded it from another pc that has problems with the rar, I really like your work with the faces, that's why I would like you to show me how to make such great faces.

    Thanks bro, for Your suport....

  3. Christmas 2017- 9 cyberfaces

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    1 hour ago, tomk30816 said:

    You have Corey Seager and Josh Donaldson with the same number.  Josh Donaldson's number is 0081. Corey Seager is 1192.  Excellent work on the faces, thank you very much.


    Thanks... Just change numbers....

  4. 2017PACKS.RAR

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    It's not bad, but you can do better. You must be more patient. The mouth and nose are these very important in the work. Also the eyes  and eyebrows ... There needs to be the most accurate and do everything as in the original ...

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