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  1. I think Jason Bay is my best work. Advance .....
  2. :drinks: :drinks: :drinks:
  3. jogar, Kemp was brilliantly done. Great ....... I'm trying to be better but you and Homer are still far away .... Keep it up, I hope to see your update soon ..... Regards.
  4. I have one more try .......
  5. I continue to work for themselves at an image, and consistently advance their work, of course ... Regards ....
  6. I feel sick now, so I had time to do something like an album with stickers. I did a few new faces, all shot and made ​​the album. And now the question I am interested in where the Internet can be downloaded Baseball sticker album , of course scanned and free ....... I would like to have them even in that form ...... I found a lot of sticker albums of European football and basketball, so I guess that has a baseball sticker album too ..... Thank you in advance regards to all ......
  7. Thank you Homer ...... You and jogar are the best ...... Regards .....
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