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  1. Good evening folks, been a while since I had time to start putting game on my laptop again, I am having issues with windows 7 and getting the game to even start. I did a fresh copy, it will sit and do nothing. I go and see if the disk is even showing up, it shows up but I cant get the game to start. Any suggestions? Yes I have it set for running under administrator.
  2. Yeah its very sad to see the changes and less interest. Programming and changes/mods to a game can only go so far before it becomes repetitive. For me I love and appreciate all the work everyone has done here. Wondering if maybe getting folks together on creating and placing more complete Majors-A roster on some of the total conversions and total classics might appeal to more folks weather it be golden oldies like myself or mid generation folks who enjoy gaming but prefer the more simple gaming. I love history especially the 90's. I'd love to help what I can to keep it alive but I limited knowledge of programming and editing myself, I'm more of a research and history person.
  3. Sorry for your loss, I know truly the feeling having lost my mother last year before mothers day.
  4. It's strange, maybe its the OS, or something else even a restart I get the same result.
  5. The texture issue is a simple fix, you have to turn off cooperstown effect to fix that problem. I ran across that issue back when I actually had MVP 14 actually working.
  6. Even with MVP 15 patch 1, still having problems trying to get to a real game, it goes to the loading screen the bar goes so far then boom app crash again.
  7. Okay I tested going into create and edit players and it gives me a app crash there also.
  8. I actually have all the original patches installed in my clean copy.
  9. Patch for MVP 15? Is there a link to it? I was unaware of a patch for it already.
  10. oddly I have MVP 94 and 93 installed they work fine, and so does the clean copy, its just my MVP 15 thats having problems going forward to a game.
  11. Yes I been running it on administrator mode and still same issue.
  12. I have a clean copy of MVP 2005 in its own default folder with all patches, I have MVP 15 in its own folder with everything from the clean copy copied over to the MVP 15 folder. Running as administrator got the explode me to work, but still experiencing the app crash when trying to start a game. After selecting teams and jerseys, the loading bar goes halfway and crashes. Im running windows 7 32bit
  13. Epic fail it still does the same thing when I try to use the explode me, even with all patches installed.
  14. I can manually put the files into a empty folder, but if I try to do the explode within my created MVP 15 folder, that has a clean copy of MVP 2005 , I get a cannot open output file after it tries to extract and copy over the data folder. Any thoughts of the issue?
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