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    @Umachines you did an amazing mod again! But I have one question . At slots 476 and 477 I have the NYY uniforms, the memh and the black one (this one is yours and I like it) and at 478 the Blue Jays alternative 2. I cannot import the Dodgers uniforms or I'll lose the others, right?
    Great work ! This green St Patrick's jersey is my favorite !!
  1. That must have been a marathon for you. Lots of time and work. I don't know what to say @Kccitystar, thanks a lot you've done an amazing job that will keep us playing this game for more years ! Thanks again !!!
    Great piece of work again ! I've been waiting for these, thanks a lot @Umachines!
    Thanks, again ! You (and all the modders) make this game better !
  2. The roster we are all waiting.....
  3. I'm sure you'll do that and I'm waiting for your next works. Thanks again!
  4. Thank you @Umachines ! You really make this game better with for mods! Which team is next? Could I ask the Yankees?
  5. Great job ! What about the Adidas Icon cleats?
  6. Great uniforms, I really like them ! Just one question, I don't see the color.txt inside the file. Instead there is a ROS. file...
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