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  1. hi The franchise file is BSU-FANs v6 franchise file, raidersbball20 just woundering if u had in touch with bsu-fan, can if the doing an v7 for the franchise. as the roster is updater but if u start an new franchise it user the 2012 sch, and v6 is not up to date in terms of rosers. can we get end of seanson roster update in the franchise file.?
    hi raidersbball20 can you please upload win zip file, I just download all 19 file and every files gives error...please and thx you.
  2. bsu-fan plz update roster with the trades..?????????????
  3. thx for the latest update...n for ur hard wrk...nothin to take away frm u...but do u know when 2k wil release their roaster update...? i know ur doing awesome job with creating and editing players..but is 2k releasing roster for current mlb roster for the jus going to wait for mlb 2k12

  4. hi thx for da update....i got one question ...y isnt Michael Taylor in thw game or minors...one part of halladay trade..?

  5. hi..thx for da roster update....want to ask u ar u planning to do another update..if yes ar u adding prospect fo blue jays such as da cuban ss or A.glose...in AAA...or update da jays roster...plz and thx in ad....

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