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  1. Excellent work man! Looking forward to how they will play!
  2. Dude it looks absolutely fantastic. Slight performance hit but not too bad. I plugged it into my 60" and it looks gorgeous. Honestly, even comparing side by side with the show, the almost blunted facial features and the at times stupid (compared to say nba 2k) cloth graphics really makes the mod shine. Tremendous work as usual. As I've said before, I've logged so many hours in the game almost solely due to the work put in by the community, so yeah, thanks.
  3. Hey wudl... just had a quick q did you change RA Dickey's face as well? Isn't there a default one for him already included in 2k?
  4. I get what you're saying, but honestly given the limitations of the engine plus I just think that Braun just has a tougher face to re-create. But Kemp, Pujols, Howard and A-gon look UNBELIEVABLY life like. Awesome job twnlove, appreciate the effort you put in! :D
  5. Yeah bro, I mean now honestly with the ENB mod graphics look infinitely better... maybe close to the Shows!!
  6. Wondering if you could take a stab at Cole Hamels as well... not exactly a power hitter... but a power pitcher? Needs short hair and a better face. Probably be a bit difficult recreating him though... but it'll be awesome if you could have a go at it.
  7. I like the show a lot, and I guess it is the 'better' game, but I just seem to find 2k's offering a bit more fun - it has a nice combination of arcade/sim baseball that the show doesn't offer. Plus, PC mlb 2k means a lot of mods etc. :D
  8. Actually, SIERA is heralded as the new best thing over FIP, as FIP ignores balls in play. Initially tERA was used, but SIERA is considered better.
  9. Yes, Lincecum was not top 10 last year, possibly not even making top 15 (and I am a big Lincecum fan) but he was so dominant for the three 2008-2010 seasons... a high rating is probably warranted based on those years, maybe not 99 though wudl is completely right in the regard that ERA depends so much on fielding that it is a poor stat to judge pitchers by, and it is very tough to come to a conclusion regarding this season after only 3 starts. his drop in velocity is particularly troubling though, and I hope he can recover, otherwise I feel pretty bad for him. He has apparently dropped h
  10. I don't think there would be harm. I've modded other games and used props from the original game devs (think props etc for levels) - people do this all the time. So yeah no problem. And it would make some of the cyberfaces MUCH easier to manage... :D
  11. Hoping for a Freddy Galvis cyberface...
  12. Unbelievable work man... as always.
  13. HA - what a joke. You have people ripping into politicians like Obama and Ron Paul - indeed it is their right to do so - and now the same people accusing Ozzie of (what I assume is!) being anti-democratic and insensitive, whilst running their own 'mcCarthyist' campaign! Incredible!
  14. I actually love the foul balls - its brilliant, and very nail biting when having a 13 hit at bat As for 8, it might be due to living rosters?
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