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  1. I just wanna say the real matter is LaRoche's terrible performance during last year. If he provides 35 homers,I believe no one would mind him bring another two sons around the court...
  2. mapmods

    Chris Archer

  3. mapmods

    Evan Gattis

    you are the best face modder i've seen since TWNLOVE bro
  4. everyone can use cmd.exe and this code to make all 7z parts into one file and open it with winrar copy /B filename.7z.* filename.7z by the way,there is a mistake on Houston Astros logo in the roster management menu maybe you should have pack this one into your files http://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/8473-mlb-2k15-logo-updates/
  5. mapmods

    Jake Arrieta

    This is exactly THE ONE I NEED !!! Thank you very much!!!
  6. mapmods

    Johnny Cueto

    GarretRichards pls~
    just GREAT work after great work a Jake Arrieta cyberface is all I need right now~
  7. Version 04/12/16


    The attribute numbers have been patiently corrected based on player(qualified)'s 2015season performance: Hitters' contact \ power \ K&BB&GO tendency \ SB ability\speed\range&glove Pitchers' contact \ power \ pitch type and tendency \ pitch velocity \ K&BB&GO tendency Starting pitchers' batting ablity(more than 100 career ABs) Uniform colors and cyberface IDs are all corrected There is a bug happens on every roster work you can find as long as it based on BSU-FAN V6.Some pitcher's pitch goes red then could never recover,which means you will be
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