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  1. @josesanchez Pronto bro enserio,la espera valdra la pena solo que como soy solo y no tengo ayuda es dificil para mi hacer todos los portrait y modificaciones de roster y faces pero bueno pronto!! MLB 2K20 viene.
    Buena bro aunque el cabello esta algo raro la piel xd si lo solucionas +1000 bro eres un crack
  2. the face is *damaged* in the neck and the eyes look bad fix pls
  3. Jose alvarado Error bro, The game crashes when I go to see Jose Alvarado's face help pls
  4. Amazing faces bro,please Tyler Glasnow and Nick Anderson
    Very good faces but how do I put gerrit cole's black hair?
    Amazing faces bro! can I use them for my mlb2k20 project?
  5. Hey brother good portraits, I need your help to make you believe more I only need the portraits to finish a MLB2K20 that weighs around 11 gb if you can help me write me please
  6. Guys!,Im back Update Coming Soon and And I will present the MLB2K20 that I have created and edited a lot (8GB Bro) Faces, Portraits, Stats news, roster, Uniforms all in one stay tuned
  7. Amazing face,Please Tyler glassnow and Gerrit cole
  8. Please face of Tyler glasnow,diego castillo,gerrit cole and yoshitomo tsutsugo please:)
  9. Porfavor as una de Mike Trout ya que gano su tercer MVP porfa de 2k19
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