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  1. Good Logs,but but won't you have the originals of the teams? current clearr
  2. Hey brother good portraits, I need your help to make you believe more I only need the portraits to finish a MLB2K20 that weighs around 11 gb if you can help me write me please
  3. Guys!,Im back Update Coming Soon and And I will present the MLB2K20 that I have created and edited a lot (8GB Bro) Faces, Portraits, Stats news, roster, Uniforms all in one stay tuned
  4. Amazing face,Please Tyler glassnow and Gerrit cole
  5. Please face of Tyler glasnow,diego castillo,gerrit cole and yoshitomo tsutsugo please:)
  6. Porfavor as una de Mike Trout ya que gano su tercer MVP porfa de 2k19
  7. no, portraits by bewin 87 and the faces you have to install are many the roster already has the id well placed
  8. Version 1.0.0


    How to Install - Just get in this file at MLB2K12 save folder. ( ex: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\Major League Baseball 2K12\Saves) And, paste or change your Roster.ROS to this file. I strongly recommend that you make a backup of your original Roster -The roster has the numbers of faces and portraits of all players (you have to have the faces and portraits installed for them to be seen) -Pitchers Based on Fangraph.com we have reflected pitch type, pitch speed, pitch value based on pitch type, stamina based on number of innings,Tendency, ERA, BABIP, WHIP, 9/BB, 9/K, and 9/HR. -Hitters Based on MLB.com we have reflected batting average, double, triple, home run, stolen base, defensive position, and defensive capability. *The roster will be updating even more the lineups and the actual pitching rotation of all the equipment (there are only some of the most important ones) *if you have any problem leave it in the comments
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