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  1. Muller_11

    Reditor Ii [Mlb 2K12]

    Not a fan of MLB 2K Games, but thanks alot Vlad!, i'm sure that would help to the modders of 2K Games
  2. Muller_11

    BallFour's MVP Baseball 1998

    The soundtrack of Triple Play series always likes me so much, good memories...
  3. Muller_11

    Totte Ultimate Rosters

    It's just that I never had the opportunity to try the real rosters of the original year of the game (2005), I come to the subject of the mods in 2009
  4. Muller_11

    Totte Ultimate Rosters

    Wish i have your 68 DVD's lol
  5. Muller_11

    Totte Ultimate Rosters

    I do not remember what number it was, I just remember that there were many rosters in rar extension that started from the 2005 season until the 2008 season
  6. Muller_11

    Totte Ultimate Rosters

    I think the url was like this: www.mvpmods.com/index/ur/ on that page was all the roster that Totte did, but it is no longer available
  7. Muller_11

    Totte Ultimate Rosters

    Any veteran of this site that has the latest updated roster of Totte UR for the 2005 season? Previously Totte had left an "Index" page with all its rosters there but is no longer available to access
  8. Muller_11

    can't install portraits in mvp edit

    Never liked systems like windows 8, 10 blablablabla, the best you can do is install XP or Windows 7 to run MVPedit without problems
  9. Muller_11

    can't install portraits in mvp edit

    You welcome
  10. Muller_11

    can't install portraits in mvp edit

    What is your OS? Did you install the program on disk C? Did you checked if the box to "install portraits of 256" in MVPedit is unchecked? Did you Checked if the MVPedit is synchronized with your "Data" folder?
  11. Muller_11

    Poll: Which team would win the World Series?

    Screwed! i'm going for the Red Sox.
  12. Muller_11


    So they are only missing audio and some uniforms to complete them? I could use audio and uniforms from the 2016 MVPcaribe mod to complete
  13. Muller_11

    Old file help

    Got it, thanks man
  14. Muller_11

    Old file help

    Thanks man
  15. Muller_11

    Old file help

    I know that this section of the forum for this game is too old. But the truth is that there is no one better than you, veterans in this site who can help me I was wondering if anyone has still the MVPedit 2004 by rglass95?