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  1. C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Sports\MLB 2K12
  2. I downloaded the 2020 mod from MVP Caribe and I have changed some things that I do not like and so far it looks much better but there is still something I want to remove Is there a way to remove those directions icons? Here is a picture what i talking about Dibujo.bmp
  3. Or you can edit with MVPedit too
  4. Friend jed, What about this pic for the cyberface? resolution is of 1042x1312
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Here is San Diego Padres logo pack for MVP Baseball How to install? Eagraph Totall Installer Thingy bigGUI
  6. Has somebody got a better walk up music for 19 Mod (Made by MVPcaribe)? That mod has too many latin like reggeaton (I HATE IT SO MUCH) music and less classic/moderm music Thanks.
  7. Wow, eighteen months working it's a lot of work
  8. Oh right, forget that in these times donations were requested on this site
  9. In this time that I have been here in MVP Mods site I have seen great mods and stuff made by great veteran modders and even newbie surprises and believe me I have been impressed. My favorite section which is "Total Conversion Mods" got me impressed the first time that i see with those classic and modern mods Again, BIG THANK YOU for those Mods My question is why after the success of the 08 season mod did it take so long to return until the 2012 season? Why didn't continue forward after mod 08? doing 09,10 and 11 Mod. ¿Why that inactivity time?
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