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  1. AWESOME! If these tools can help with the update and structure of the stadiums it would be a great step forward to continue updating MVP Baseball
  2. This is the Let's Enhance site, It is one of the best sites when it comes to improving photos. It gives to you 3 photo enhancement options Photo: for images of architecture, nature, people etc. Most photos captured by a mobile device or digital camera qualifies for the Photo algorithm Digital Art: for drawings, illustrations, paintings, cartoons, anime, et cetera And finally Smart Enhance: It focuses on improving the quality of the image rather than upscaling, retaining visual quality while aggressively cleaning it from degradations. Best works with sma
  3. Give it a try! anyway, I have another site in case you don't like the results of the first
  4. this is what i use: https://letsenhance.io/
  5. There are other image enhancement sites that don't charge as much
  6. This is a good stuff for portrait making Thanks for sharing
    Forever the Chief Wahoo!!! God job man
  7. Any chance that you include this retro beauty in your indians pack?
  8. Wow, I didn't know an old stadium like this had been made for MVP Baseball 2005 lol
  9. Cuando el los haga el los subira a este sitio, no lo presionen When he makes them he will upload them to this site, don't push him
  10. That logo marked my childhood in 98 and made me a baseball lover
  11. Without fear of being wrong, this must be the most problematic thread when it comes to install a MOD in Windows XP for beginners....
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