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  1. 2018 MVP Portraits

    got it
  2. 2018 MVP Portraits

    tell me what you players need and I'll put myself to order
  3. Question about 2005 stadiums

    No problem jim. thanks anyway
  4. Question about 2005 stadiums

    I was the one that I understand bad my friend, my apologies That would be nice Jim, thank you
  5. Question about 2005 stadiums

    If you have the stadiums of the 2005 season it would be great if you send them to me, that would be AWESOME
  6. Question about 2005 stadiums

    Here is a list what they heve here in the site in the "Stadiums Section" Tropicana Field: There is 1 file SkyDome: There is 3 files U.S. Cellular Field: There is 2 files Jacobs Field: None Comerica Park: None Kauffman Stadium: None Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome: There is 1 file Angel Stadium: There is 2 files McAfee Coliseum: None Safeco Field: There is 1 file Ameriquest Field in Arlington: None National League Turner Field: There is 1 file ony and it's a day version. Pro Player Stadium: There is 1 file Shea Stadium: None Citizens Bank Park: None RFK Stadium: There is 1 file Wrigley Field: There is 1 file Great American Ball Park: None Minute Maid Park: There is 2 files Miller Park: None PNC Park: None Old Busch Stadium: There is 1 file Bank One Ballpark: None Coors Field: There is 1 file Dodger Stadium: There is 1 file Petco Park: None SBC Park: There is 1 file In total there are 20 stadium files from 2005 and 12 stadiums are missing that I suppose have disappeared
  7. Question about 2005 stadiums

    I have a question for the most veterans in this site Have all the stadium modders updated all the stadiums for the MVP Baseball 2005? (Only for the 2005 season.) I see there are some stadiums, but there are still more that are missing and I wonder if they were all completed?
  8. Modders Of The Week

    Wonderful thread and what great modders.
  9. Is there a fix for running game?

    What the hell man??? NO-CD CRACKS!!!! IS PROHIBITED!!!!!
  10. Player Id List

    Que idiotez por parte del "Encargado del Mod".
  11. Player Id List

    In the list Jake Lamb has two face's id (444 & 544)
  12. Player Id List

    In the list, Brandon Finnegan and Jeremy Hazelbaker have the same face id (533)
  13. Player Id List

    ¿Acaso te cuesta mucho compartir con la comunidad?
  14. Player Id List

    Tienes la face de Jon Gray?? subela por favor.
  15. Help with logos

    ¿what tool use for decompress and compress the files? and thanks for your help.