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  1. Count with me if you need help with the portraits
  2. Well, I suppose you all know how embarrassed and furious I am with this what has happened I have followed The astros for 16 years and I can tell you how embarrassed not only as a baseball lover but also as a fan of this team because I celebrated that World Series title against the Dodgers. The punishment from part of the MLB is fine for me and even they get to find more evidence I would not have any problem with more punishment that they add
  3. Waiting for the new MLB photoday to get back to work
  4. oh my god, I' got so tempted to see all that great content my friend
  5. Not a fan of MLB 2K Games, but thanks alot Vlad!, i'm sure that would help to the modders of 2K Games
  6. The soundtrack of Triple Play series always likes me so much, good memories...
  7. So they are only missing audio and some uniforms to complete them? I could use audio and uniforms from the 2016 MVPcaribe mod to complete
  8. Soon I'm going to resume the attempt to continue uploading portraits of portraits where I stayed (Baltimore Orioles) Wait for it guys
  9. @Schordese One question, did you authorize your portraits to be uploaded to the MVPCARIBE site by another user?
  10. There you go Lorenzo Cain (Brewers).rar
  11. Done, and i put McCutchen with the Yankees
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Some Waivers update portraits for MVP Baseball Andrew McCutchen, NYY Hector Velazquez, BOS Randy Rosario, CHC Jose Rondon, CWS Greg Allen, CLE Heath Fillmyer, KCR Jose Briceno, LAA Adam Frazier, PIT Tayron Guerrero, MIA Install the portraits with TIT or MVPedit Greetings
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