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  1. Hahaha god one, thanks man!
  2. Ok, that Ultimate Rosters that you mention is for the 2005 season so the one I'm looking for may be a version 6 onwards maybe?
  3. I mean a roster where the trade deadline has already passed with players like Mark Teixeira traded to the Braves and Luis Castillo traded to the Mets and Jason Kendall traded to the Cubs in the trade deadline in that season.
  4. Any veteran of this page that has the final roster of the 2007 season? I know that the 2007 mod has the roster but the roster does not have the latest trades like Mark Teixeira to the Braves Thanks
  5. Good work man, i can't wait to see that update
  6. It seems that you are giving a lot of dedication with the cyberfaces update..
  7. First of all I want to apologize to you for launching an improper accusation of Piracy (My Bad) And if you want to reply with the same gif for me it's fine, I stuck with the same as you And no, you don't need to show me your CD's I will stay away from this thread. I hope your problem gets solved quickly
  8. Umachines are no longer give us some love with his work to MVP Baseball users
  9. Coincidentally this problem is due to the fact that the user is playing a pirated version of the game
  10. Isn't the motivation in a project is when we all have to collaborate in one part? (Creation, Modification, etc.)
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