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  1. thank you for the advice, I appreciate it.
  2. thanks. sorry I wasn't specific about which stadiums. It happens randomly and has happened with many stadiums. Sometimes they will load up and play fine and other times the game will crash to the desktop.
  3. I have mvp installed with the 07 mod on an hp pentium 4 3gHz processor desktop. I think the video card is a 128 mb intel card. I have 512mb of ram. The game actually plays smooth on my 50 inch plasma at 1024x768 and looks really good although I did turn player shadows off. The problem I'm having is that sometimes the game will crash to the desktop while waiting for the game to load after the stadium selection. The weird thing is that sometimes it will load it fine and the game will start and play. But other times with the same setup and same teams and same time of day/stadium it will cr
  4. awesome job on the portraits, thank you. what roster file do you recommend using with all your portrait updates. thanks again.
  5. how can i get this to work without an internet connection?
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