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  1. Thanks for your great work on this game, the only one left for PC. I was just wondering if you could do anything with the shoes, we've been playing with them for ages. Any new model for the Adidas or Nike, or any other change that is possible.
  2. Could someone please make a YES overlay ?
  3. Thanks a lot, you've been very helpful !
  4. If I add extra team uniforms to the game, how do I assign them to a specific team with Ty's editor? And how can I apply a color text to just these two new uniforms?
  5. I had to restart my freshly started franchise, but it sure is worth it. Thanks a lot for your effort and time!
  6. I just downloaded the new (4/4) official roster from 2k from 2share
  7. I'm using all your uniforms and your color corrected roster. I just downloaded the new (4/4) official roster from 2k, but the colors are awful. Are you planning to color correct this new official roster as well ?
  8. Thanks a lot for the patch and your great work Pena ! All I'm waiting now is an opening day roster to start my season...
  9. I like the first ESPN. Great work!
  10. Great work Pena, I'm also waiting for the release...
  11. I found them in black... http://www.google.gr...XIho2MBw&zoom=1 and in blue (better pictures) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Adidas-Diamond-King-Metal-Baseball-Cleats-Shoes-Softball-Blue-White-Mens-NEW-/200667879482
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