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  1. Would it be possible to unlock the Polo Grounds for the Home Run derby? And unlocking the NL and AL greats for the HR derby and rosters?
  2. I always see the wall jump sign available to wall climb, but I don't which button to press to leap for it. I use a Dual Action Gamepad In-game it says B3
  3. Is there a way to import a player from another roster and save it the roster you want? I don't know if tywiggins editor can do that?
  4. u have starling marte in there? for the pirates?
  5. If so I would love to play with some of you to see the online experience. It would be really cool. So if u have it lets set up times maybe hop in teamspeak of some sort and see how this goes. Okay guys Currently I see 133 online as of writing this. So lets see what happens.
  6. Well I picked shortstop and Took Clint Barme's spot @ shortstop in the bigs. (yes im in the bigs now) Woot no Triple A
  7. During my player you need 6 sac bunts, and 6 home runs, while your in double and you need so many call up goals (10 for me) and the problem for me is Im a shortstop for the altoona curve and all I need is 6 Bunts Ive been 27 games into the middle part of the season b4 double A all-star game. and no goals saying sac bunt, on them.
  8. When In PNC park I see the USA Flag and 2 blue flags, anyway you modders can change those to a logo.
  9. OK I figured it out - It took sometime to figure out after going in and out of the game. And what does the WS stand for in the baseballs for DDS EDIT::: Dang it Im being stupid and taking up posts in this thread - ITs world series ball.
  10. Ok question hows this work U have this in your Download thread Version 1.2 - Includes the MLB logos from DS's MLB Experience Mod! Thanks again man! [ADDED MISSING LOGOS 3.28] Version 2.1 - 2k logos Then You have this when I go to downloads are available below. Rate this file Rating files helps other users! 14 Votes Or leave a review 31.98MBDownload Pena1-2k12_Accessories_Pack_V1.3.7z 31.98MBDownload Pena1-2k12_Accessories_Pack_V2.1.7z 9.84MBDownload PENA1_DDS.7z Then this is in your readme for 1.3 Version 1.0 - 2k logos Version 2.0 - Includes
  11. Alright Im the idiot here Didnt overwrite my global.iff in my game directory --------------- EDIT> Now I crashed after replacing the file.
  12. Ok so I want to insert the pink texture, (the mod tool works for me and I followed the FAQ section of global.iff) Just need to find out where it goes. and found the Bats: Logo - 543:1 Wood grain - 543:0 Pine tar - 543:2-3 bat models - 543 : after 3 Colors 33 - red/black 52 - Dark yellow 57 - dk Red/black 102 - black/red 313 -blue 315 - natural 343- brown/natural 398 - black 452 - brown 468 - black/natural 841 - brown/black 848 - black football - 227, 232 Then what do I use to insert the pink.dds file for the bat.?
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